Day #1 - Alcohol Withdrawals



That was a great video. Totally got me emotional. I’m praying for w


Great video. You can do this.


Maybe try a meeting? I know AA and my higher power have kept me sober for the last 15 months. Wish you well.


Thank you everyone for the positive encouragement. It is very much appreciated


Thank you for sharing!
Hope you feel better soon. I love the bracelet I think your daugher make? A beautiful sobriaty token, she deserves a sober dad! You deserve a sober you (and a place for your own to live in) A lot to fight for! You can do just that!
Every time when you have cravings: watch this video!


Great share I love your honesty it’s a horrible thing addiction I’m sending you positive vibes and strength x


Here’s my second day update… as you can see, I am still struggling a bit with my alcohol addiction. I’m shaky and experiencing tremors a long side anxiety… the good news is, I feel a lot better in comparison to day #1… hope I start to feel “normal” again soon. Thanks to everyone for all the positive messages. I truly appreciate it, and you made yesterday a little more bearable!


Hang in there, you can do it!
It’s a cliché but: one day at a time. Justfor today!


Great video. Wishing you the best on your journey torwards sobriety. Praying for you to find peace. U got this. I can tell you’re a fighter you can see it in your :eyes:


Thanks for sharing your journey. It’s hard to put into words how withdrawal feels but your doing awesome. Have you tried talking to your dr? AA? They saved my life. Glad your here.


Just checking in. I made it to day 3, but I am physically and mentally exhausted to do a video right now. But I’m still clean. :slight_smile:

Things started off rough in the morning but got better throughout the day… shakes are a lot more mild.

I’ll do another video update soon.

Thanks to everyone



Ive almost completed 2 full days. I feel the emotion here. Withdrawls suck but I’m going to push through them like a fat kid through a fence to chocolate cake made out of twinkies


Hey brother I’m new here and I really enjoy watching your video. I’m on day 33 today and I’ve also relapsed too many times to count. I struggle with depression and anxiety attacks, I’m also like you with bordium. I always got to be doing something. I’m rooting for ya brother, one day at a time and you are never alone.


Ashley you got this also. One day at a time. I’m rooting for you also.


Love that analogy

You got this


Yeah man, I found myself getting bored today and craving… luckily I didn’t give in.

Good luck my dude, thanks for the kind words


I found myself craving too. My 5 year old son almost lit my bathroom on fire by knocking over the candle. And then i couldnt even go to a meeting because where I’m at is getting pounded with snow right now. And Its odd where i live. So I opened my Big Book and read some and shuffled some cards and put myaelf in a time out for 5 mins. Good after that but still super shaky and cranky as heck.


I have a daughter near the same age. She turned 6 in January. They can be a handful.

Can’t sleep for nothing tonight… headache, heartburn, back pain, and anxiety… + coughing from this dumbass cold ass cold.

I guess you could say I’m a little irritable as well…

Luckily the heartburn is making the single thought of drinking absolutely disgusting right now.

You did good. Congrats on at least reading some literature even though you couldn’t hit a meeting. I’ve never even stepped foot in one… maybe I should.

If you can hang in there for the next few days the shakes should to away or at least be less intense. I kinda wish I had showed my hands the first day so there was comparison… it was really bad. But it wasn’t just my hands it was like my whole body… and I had cold sweats like a mother fucker… Drenched in sweat even though I felt like I was in a freezer… my body could not decide if it was hot or cold… kept changing every 5 minutes. Uhg.

The shakes will eventually pass though… just gotta power through it.

Good luck!