Day 11 and still going strong

Well here I am 11 days in…
Still sober, been really helpful to track my moods and can see I’m a little like a yoyo right now but hopefully this will even itself out a little. Joining the gym tomorrow to kill some time where I would normally be drinking.

Any kind words of encouragement to keep me going are welcome
Sending so much love out to you all


Congratulations on your 11 days Angelina that’s HUGE!
My best and biggest tool is gratitude. Whether I’m listing my own each morning or reading everyone else’s. When I’m sober I got Everything to be grateful for. Come check us out if you’re interested. Daily Gratitude, The Air Of Recovery
Coffee is always on :coffee: and there’s plenty of room for more gratitude. :blush:
Keep up the great work :+1: