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In recovery, we either learn to be grateful, or we don’t last. Gratitude is the air of recovery. Gratitude is what makes the lungs of recovery fill, the heart beat, and the life flow. The attitude of gratitude focuses on what we have rather than what we don’t. With gratitude, there is such a thing as enough. People filled with gratitude aren’t good consumers because they don’t heed the message “You need more stuff. Stuff will make you whole.” Gratitude makes us whole, not stuff. It allows us to make the abundant blessings we already have in our life not only count, but be enough. And not just enough, but more than we could have imagined. Gratitude allows us to understand that there is enough for everyone so we don’t have to hoard whatever it is we think we need. There is plenty. In a culture addicted to the belief that “I need more,” people with an attitude of gratitude stand out. They are like roses growing out of cracks in a ghetto neighborhood. People watch. They see. And in being seen, we give some small measure of the bread of life to the world.

Gratitude can have such a powerful impact on your life because it engages your brain in a virtuous cycle. Your brain has only so much power to focus its attention. It cannot easily focus on both positive and negative stimuli



I’m grateful to see you @DuncanNZ
And grateful you started that gratitude thread for us a long time ago.
I’m grateful you’re coming up on your 3 years clean and sober. And your doing well in uni.
I hope to see you for some cake soon.


G’morning y’all :sunny::sunflower::yellow_heart:

I’m grateful that I danced in my bathroom this morning. It may seem like a small thing, but before sobriety, it took having a few shots before I could be so free. I cried. It felt natural and healing. It feels so good to be sober.

I’m grateful for this new day and for once again, getting out of the house to do something just for me.

I’m grateful for y’all. Have a beautiful day. :heart::blush:

P.S. @Dazercat I love reading Meister Eckhart. :nerd_face:


I am grateful for my beautifully, imperfect life.
I’m grateful life is a choice. Choices we get to make.
I am grateful for my growth. I’m grateful I know that when I work on myself it makes me more able to show up for the people I love.
I’m grateful for another beautiful day :yellow_heart::sunflower:
I hope everyone has a happy Friday :blush:


I’m grateful for good sleep, to wake up feeling rested.
I’m grateful I’ve been going to bed focused on solutions, instead of problems. It was some great advise I learned a long time ago. I forget to practice it. Lately, anxiety has had me focusing on problems most of the time. Going to bed feeding anxiety. Not sleeping well because of anxiety. Not waking up feeling rested.

I put a lot of time and effort into feeding my recovery this week. It got my mind back into focusing on solution most of the time.

A recovery mentor taught me a simple practice years ago about meditation. He had me close my eyes and think about apples. He had me describe my thoughts about apples. I pictured an apple, then I pictured more apples on the ground, underneath apple trees, the trees turned into an orchard.

He taught me that its the same way with problems. If I focus on problems, pretty soon I’m consumed with problems, whether is personal problems, people problems, global problems I have no control over. Any problems. If I focus on solution I get the same results. I get an orchard of solutions.

I forget to practice that. I remembered that as I’m writing this list. I’m grateful to be back in solution.

My dental appointment went well. I know how much its going to cost. I’ve stopped working on my boat to guarantee I had money for this. I can start moving forward on my boat again. We are going to do the work in phases. We worked out a payment schedule that is a little more than my beer money savings. So now my beer money is going to buy my smile back. I’m grateful!

I was crabbing. We had a three day weather break. I drank heavily, was hungover and was not even close to being on my A-game. A wild pot hit me in the face. It hurt really bad, fractured my teeth, and my smile crumbled away. I’m grateful to be getting it back. I’m grateful that I’m always on my A-game crabbing in recovery.

I haven’t been able to make the time to get it fixed. Im grateful I made it top priority this year. Its been driving me crazy not moving forward on my boat. Im grateful I can now.

Ironically, my neighbor who I used to buy meth through told me about this dentist. I have avoided the guy like he is the plague. He is the plague. I got stuck talking to him one day and it worked out really good. He offered me a beer. I made it crystal clear(pun intended) that I don’t drink or do drugs anymore and if you ever offer it to me, I will punch you in the face. We both laughed. I wasn’t joking. He told me about the dentist before he offered me the beer.

Its stormy outside, raining sideways, angry seas, nobody is fishing. Its Friday, and the old me would be doing some day drinking right now. I’m grateful for the new me!


Grateful for finally being at the point in my life where I am starting to understand how insecurities, low self esteem, autism and addiction have been interwoven.

Grateful for finally unravelling that puzzle, so I can start working on them at a deeper level.

Grateful for the persons that have crossed my ways lately, showing me slowly how emotions work for and in me.

Grateful for patience and persistance.

Grateful for the love and affection I feel for others, and which I receive from some.

Grateful to have myself back, to have awoken the person I was long ago.

Grateful for realising I’m actually a very loving and caring man, instead of the egocentric and selfish bastard I was in active addiction.

Grateful for over 30 years of addiction for without it, I wouldn’t have come to this point.


I’m greatful for the ten days of sobriety I got this morning. I’m greatful for my son and and wife and I’m greatful that we have been able to travel alot in the past couple of months. I’m greatful for the support of this community and my community here. I’m greatful that the future doesn’t have to be scary, and that if I keep on this path I will be able to take it as it comes.


I’m grateful to God. I’m grateful for my recovery. I’m grateful for All my family, friends, TS and the gratidudes. I’m grateful for communication with the housing worker regarding my move. I’m grateful that I can accept that construction delays are happening again and my moving date has changed by eight days which is minimal. May 27th is now my move in date, hoping it doesn’t change again. There was a time I thought I was moving in April, oh well, life on lifes terms. I’m grateful I could afford to get some vitamin D, cough drops, food and drinks delivered to help get through this covid and isolation. I’m grateful my manager scheduled me back for Wednesday , health permitting. I’m grateful for a nice talk with my Mom earlier. I’m grateful for music and creativity. I’m grateful for the twelve steps. I’m grateful my fever seems to be gone.
God bless you all. :v: & :heart:

p.s. You are incredible. Ya you!!


This afternoon around 4pm whilst I was still at work I was tired and hungry and had forgotten my water bottle. All I could think of was what can I eat when I get home, I was thinking of all sorts. I was so pleased when after more than 1.5 hours of these thoughts, I realised that I would normally be thinking about the wine I would buy on the way home. I didn’t think about it once. I’m grateful my thinking has changed :sparkling_heart:


I’m grateful for a fresh start.

I’m grateful that I made this decision to improve my life and feel happy again.

I’m grateful for the comfort and support I received when I finally opened up to my loved ones.

I’m grateful to be at the start of a journey and excited to see where it will lead


I am grateful to be sober. Feeling sluggish this evening after 7 hours of sleep but thankful it is not from a hangover.

I am grateful for my family and that this Sunday is Mother’s day. I will bring my mom flowers and candy before we do our usual routine.

I am grateful to have a home, a car with gas in it, and a job that pays the bills.

I am grateful to be here with all of you. :two_hearts:


Here’s to a beautiful

600 Days


I never know what’s coming out of my grateful mind either. But I’m grateful to be sober and here with you. Ya y’all!! :pray:t2::purple_heart::cactus:


600 is awesome! :muscle: I got so caught up in my list I forgot to say congrats!


Congratulations on 600! It is an odd milestone, but they are all worth celebrating!


I’m grateful I woke up this morning.


I am grateful I woke up sourrouded by mountains. Where I live, the landscape is utterly flat, not even hills. When I approached Switzerland by train yesterday, I could see them slowly rise at the horizon, rain clouds hanging over them. It gave me a feeling of coming home. It always does.
I am grateful, nothing is really far away in Europe. When I lived in Canada for a while, I remeber driving for hours and hours and still everything looked the same. (that being Ontario, though :relaxed:). I love how I can just hop on a train and be somewhere entirely different within a few hours - it gives me sense of endless possibilities.
I am grateful I have time to myself before the family festivities tonight. I think I will check in more often here during the day. I notice, how this weekend is a bit more emotionally challenging for me than I anticipated. I am glad, I have this place to go to.
Have a lovely day, everyone :orange_heart:.


Grateful for being clean.
Grateful for a Dutch author, Jens van Tricht, who explained so pretty damn sharp the differences between sexe and gender.
Grateful for insight and willingness to change.
Grateful for the people in my life.
Grateful for a day without rain in the UK. Still no sun but well, it’s still the UK where the poor bastards have a climate even worse than the Dutch.
Grateful for not living in the UK :stuck_out_tongue:


Yep we’re almost there :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


I’m grateful for another morning up very early to beat the heat. And not hungover after a nice dinner out last night. And no headache.
I’m grateful I got benson on my lap and this ………

Say good morning Alice :heart_eyes_cat:

I’m grateful for the conversation with my wife about wondering if I’m going to be alone all the time in our new house. And that I’m sometimes fearful about our exciting adventure for the future might just be me all alone. I’m grateful I wanted to go to a really nice restaurant last night even though it might mean watching people drink cocktails and wine which doesn’t bother me. But if it means my loved one is going to be passed out on the couch after, then so be it. I guess what I’m trying to say is I wanted to go to this nice place. I knew what the outcome would be. But I didn’t try and control it by not going because I knew what the outcome would be. Because I can’t control shit!!! I can barely control myself :grimacing: I’m grateful I know that. And I’m grateful I had a wonderful time and a nice night out. Regardless.

I’m grateful we got Internet and TV set up yesterday. I’m grateful all the pets seem adjusted to the new home. I’m grateful this could be my new home and not just a house. I’m grateful it’s Saturday and we have nothing or no one coming over to do shit.
I’m grateful I don’t drink anymore.
I’m grateful Moxie’s boys are working their sobriety y’all are always in my prayers. ODAAT. I know how awful it feels to always wonder when that next shoe could drop. It sucks. Prayers and ODAAT helped me :pray:t2: I’m grateful to see Peace back here working it again. You’re so worth it. And so is that adorable little puppy GIRL. We need more of her. :heart: I’m grateful to see a pic of Brian in the lounge and hope your feeling better today. Good morning mister 593.62 @Dolse71 :wave: photo bombing the gratitude thread. I’m glad you stopped by. I’m grateful Callie is out living life and traveling. And doing it sober. Your such a blessing for us to have around. I’m grateful to be neighbors with y’all Pica and a bit further north of you Sunflower. Got to get those puppas walked pretty early. And I’m grateful to see Jason working his sobriety even more than he was. I’ve noticed a difference in how you’re putting yourself out here more. You have so much wisdom to share and knowledge and……… I don’t know. I just see you working a beautiful change for you and your life. We all learn so much from you. And all your talents. I’m just grateful your here with me on my journey. And your meme game isn’t too bad either :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’m grateful I got to go and walk the dogs. NOW!

Search me O God and know my heart;
Test me and know my anxious thoughts.
See if there is any offensive way in me,
And lead me in the way everlasting.

Psalm 139: 23,24