Day 2 After a Relapse

I did my first post yesterday and I was feeling pretty awful from withdrawals. I was absolutely dreading today because normally it’s just a day in bed with anxiety and all the other awful feelings.

However, after spending some time reading on here I realized I needed to do something different to prevent the same future relapses.

So I forced myself up and had a shower, made a meal, cleaned up a bit (I’m still exhausted so it was just a few plates, but hey, better than nothing). I also used to be scared to leave my apartment because I get a rash on my face really bad from alcohol now. And in my head I thought “everyone will know I have an issue with alcohol” But then I said so what? I’m not hiding this anymore. So I took not one but two walks today! And guess what? No one pointed and laughed at me or gave me dirty looks.

I’ve also decided to make an appointment with my doctor on Monday to get some therapy or meds or something (I also have a few mental health disorders). I’ve never talked about my alcohol use with him or anyone really, save for doctors at the hospital when they had to save my life from alcohol poisioning/withdrawals multiple times.

I have a lot on my mind today but I feel good about it and actually had a decent day :relieved:

I hope everyone else had a great day too. Thanks for listening :pray:


Hi Hannah. Have you thought about going to treatment? I know we can be resilient and want to do it on our own, but its virtually impossible. Ive tried and tried and tried to do this on my own
And it never worked. I finally accepted help and it was the best thing I ever did. If you have any questions, Im here.


Good to see you back on here Hanna.
You are :100: right about doing something different.

If nothing changes

Nothing changes

Lots of great info on here.
Keep reading. Join in when you’re comfortable.



I love the hope in your post. @hw1717 im proud of you for taking positive steps away from the relapse and into recovery


This sounds like a good way to spend a day, not only to shoo a hangover. Well done :sunflower:

Doing little things adds up. Wash a dish, clean a corner, put away one item, do a short breath meditation, sit down have a cup of tea and be gentle to yourself … Babysteps are possible allthough when we’re low on energy and WOW can they get us far over time.

You can use this thread for checking in as your personal thread (can change the title if you want). Keep us posted :four_leaf_clover:

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Hi Hannah,
I sure liked your post. It made me think of quotes like this:

This is also the way about how I became sober.
Making a strategy using all the info I read up here. I called it my sober plan and still living by it almost for 5 years now.
You can do that too! Keep that determination alive and kicking! :facepunch:

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I loved reading this post and you know why? Because it’s honest, determined and hopeful. Your outlook on this is so beautiful and inspiring.
I remember my days after drinking the night before - I would cry, fall into that black hole and really feel like everything was over and all hope was forever lost for me. So to read your post makes me believe that superheroes really are amongst us. :wink::hugs:
You’ve so got this. Please reach out if you need.

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Maybe try a meeting might help ,helped me wish you well

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