Day 27. As I approach my 1 month mark, here are a few reflections and things I think that really helped me and may help others from day 1 to 30

Most important thing in my opinion is the fact that you are trying to get sober which means you have a desire. Let that desire burn. I kept a daily log of how I felt, there is a spot on this app to do so, and I would look back at day 1 and so on, to remember why I was here in the first place. Previous times I would not keep a journal entry because I thought I would remember how I felt, but just like a fresh cut, the wound slowly heals and you forget the realness of the pain and agony you felt on day 1. Writing it down keeps those feelings at the front of my mind.

As AA teaches, take it one day at a time. Sounds cliche but I had to really take that to heart. My mind would race and try to rationalize about how long it would be until I could become less dependent on alcohol and drink like a normal person (spoiler alert, never). Don’t worry about what will you do 10,20,30 days from now, just do everything in your power to not drink today.

Attend a meeting, even if it’s the 24 hour online. The first few days I would just sit and listen to others stories. If you’re ready, speak out. Saying the words “my name is Ben and I’m and alcoholic” was hard as shit for me to spit out at first but it made it more real. The people in the meeting listened and seemed to really care what I had to say.

It gets easier. At least for me it did. The first week was hell, every day after that seemed to get a little better. I had a few days after the first week that were a little rough but I felt stronger after getting past each one of those hiccups and still laying my head on my pillow sober.

I may add to this later. I’m sure others can add much more to this and probably more eloquently than I can but I just wanted to share what has worked for me so far. Please feel free to add if you like.


Congratulations and great advice. I’m on day 28 today


Congrats to you as well. This is the longest I’ve gone in my 20+ years of drinking. I look at it completely differently now than one month ago.


Congrats! Beautifully written and very eloquent! :+1:.

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Congrats on your almost month. The days do add up!! Keep on keepin on!

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