Day 5 Nofap after relapse

Day 5 has Come,i relapsed on day 6 and now im on day 5.I wont stop until i achive what i said.4 years passed and i started nofap 2 years ago when i realised that i have problem.I saw increse in energy,motivation.I want to become chef one day,mehanic for cars and motocycles,i want to face one day.If i want to do that first i must control myself.Today im starting to workout and not to fall.I dont sleep with phone in my hands im going to sleep but i have problem od walking up at night at 2-3 am.


Good call Ivan - pick yourself up and take it one day at a time.

In my recovery from porn and masturbation I noticed that I had a tendency to think in visions of grand things I thought I should be: running marathons, founding companies. Over time I realized that the impulse to fantasy was a factor there. It isn’t bad to have goals, and exercise and professional success are worthwhile. The problem is I lived in grandiose visions - and not in my simple, human, incomplete, gradual reality.

Do I run marathons now? No. But I do a one-minute plank and a 6,000-step walk every day. And that is enough.

Do I run a company? No. But I work and I earn money that pays for my home and food. And that is enough.

You may become a chef or a mechanic; who knows? It’s early days now. The question that matters is: what is the healthy step you will take today?

What’s your plan for today?

Today to start workout and study after meeting with friend

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That things that i mentioned that are my dreams that i want to achive,but one bit at a time

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That’s good. I know, I didn’t mean to be critical - sorry about that! What I meant was that what really matters is what we do today. Our dreams come and go, and often what we think will happen doesn’t happen. (I am a living example of this! So many things didn’t turn out as I planned or hoped. But they are still good and I am grateful.)

Be grateful for today and live your day fully and present. Goals are valuable; they give us a direction. Breaking them down and working it day by day helps us make progress & stay positive and grounded. :innocent:

It sounds like you have a plan for exercise and some time w friends today! That’s a perfect Saturday.

Have you been interested in cooking and mechanics for long? When did you realize those were professions that interested you?

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Im cooking im intrested when i was a kid when my mom would Cook i would ne so impresed that i started to Cook at home and now im going to coulinary school mehanic too i wachted a lot of guys how to repair videos and im genuely intrested in that,i see my self repairing cars tuning and racing or made a New Shell for car i have a lot of ideas but one at time

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Let me intreduce my self im Ivan,17 years old guy from Zagreb Croatia.Im going to coulinary school im third year.My good friend Cagatay intreduced me to this app.I decided that porn is not for me i want to get back to real life work on my goals and be succesful.


Wonderful! Welcome Ivan, it’s very nice to meet you. My name is Matt and I am recovering from porn and masturbation as well.

You are already a member of our private porn / sex / masturbation thread for men, where we discuss in a little more depth on the topic. (Some people feel more comfortable discussing it in private.) I have some posts there as well.

Cooking is wonderful! enjoy it as well. I am not a master chef :joy: but I enjoy cooking.

I don’t know much about Croatian food. Do you have any pictures of dishes / meals that you’ve prepared (or would like to prepare)? I’d love to learn more about Croatian cuisine.

There is a dedicated “foodie” thread for people who enjoy cooking; maybe you could share some photos there:

One of my fellow Canadians here created a thread dedicated to “gearheads” / “gear heads” (people who love engines, cars, mechanical things - things with gears). It hasn’t been super active but I am willing to bet there are at least a few people here who like engines; maybe you could share a bit there:

Welcome Ivan! You’re making a good step here. Keep working your sobriety; keep developing your sober self and your sober interests. You will discover a side of yourself that you never knew existed :innocent:


I can tell you in private massage about Croatia and put food,or if you are in group about cooking,thanks for mentioning that groups.Yes i am memeber but its not so active so im posting heare too

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Groups are open or private?

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Messages are private - these are the ones with the envelope symbol beside them:

Some messages have a group of people on them. (It’s possible to have a group message.) That happens when people have something they want to discuss only with their group: for example, some sex / porn / love addicts feel more comfortable discussing their recovery in a private group message. These threads are called “private group”, “private thread”, etc. Often (in the case of sex / porn / love addicts) these are divided by gender as well.

Most threads on Talking Sober are public and are visible to anyone on the Internet who visits the website at For example, the Foodies and Gear Heads threads that I shared above are both public. Talking Sober is an online forum for people in recovery from addiction, but we have many other interests, including food, art, music, and exercise, and people share about that here. You are welcome to share your food on the Foodies thread - I am sure people will love it!