Day 5 only

Hi people hope everyone is well and alcohol free I am on day 5 it feels like it’s been longer but today is very hard has anyone else been like this I feel EMPTY


Day 5 is good! Every sober day is good. One day at a time.

I check in here a lot. It helps keep me focused on what matters. I have time every week or two with members of my recovery group - we do breakfast.

Feeling empty is normal in the beginning. All the time you used to waste on alcohol, you now have it back - and you’re looking for things to do.

There’s so many ideas. In addition to spending time working your recovery (which does take time every day, learning about recovery and practicing it; there’s Talking Sober and there’s these: Resources for our recovery), you can find time for hobbies. Here’s a list Sassy put together:


Congratulations on 5 days. That emptiness…I felt that way. It makes sense. Drinking was a huge part of my life for years…then one day it was gone. Getting sober is about re-learning how to live. The destructiveness of drinking can now replaced with sober things. Things that make life worth living.

What kinds of things can you add, that you couldnt before?


Try to be patient with yourself. :blue_heart: You’ve sent your mind and body into a whole new mode and it’s gonna take a bit to adjust. Drink lots of water. Eat nutritious food, not all sweets. Get fresh air and sunshine even if it’s frigid winter where you are. I found a B12 vitamin supplement my Dr. recommended very helpful. Rest, rest, rest.


Congratulations on day five! Be gentle with yourself, it will pass I promise. Keep busy and rest as much as you can. You are doing great! :ok_hand::pray:t2::two_hearts:

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Found new friends at meetings then i never felt empty anymore wish you well

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I’m on day 5 too and I woke up this morning feeling like I was going to crawl out of my skin, even though last night was the best I’ve slept given the previous two nights. I’ve been having a couple rough days outside of trying to be sober for 5 days. I read a little bit I’ve been really leaning on Ray Bradbury lately and then I went outside and started a fire in the cold and watched the day moon setting. I have to say I do feel somewhat better and more invigored. I’m trying to maintain focus and not listen to my addiction.

I think that’s the best you can do at 5 days is realize that you are at 5 days and even on day 95 you’re still going to feel like you’re on day 5 (if that makes sense). For me right now I see my mission as maintaining focus, taking each day as it is, and finding inspiration wherever I can.

Send those thoughts up into the Universe my friend and stay strong!


I try as much as possible to distract myself with other activities, anything to engage my mind. @Thirdmonkey
said it perfectly.

Great job on getting to day 5. I’m right there with you, on day 6 :slightly_smiling_face: Tomorrow is never really that far away.


Hi Paul :wave:t3: Congrats on day 5 (day 6?)! I felt that big emptiness in the beginning, too. I felt detached from everything and everyone, but someone here suggested that instead of emptiness it may be calmness. That was something I definitely wasn’t used to feeling. At first, calm felt like detachment, then it felt like boredom, but now I can recognize it for what it is. Kind of like Matt said above, we used to spend our time drinking, and now that we don’t, it’s important to find activities to fill that time. It helped me tremendously to just come here and read the stories of others. I was a photographer before my drinking got really heavy, so I’m trying to get back into that now. This emptiness will pass. I’m glad you’re here. :slightly_smiling_face::purple_heart:

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Thank you everyone for your messages hope everyone else is doing well today


Going ok here. How are you?

I’m still going thank you


Good! Keep us posted on your journey!

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Totally feel this! Can’t believe it’s only been a few days. Feels like ages :roll_eyes:BUT you made it one more day. Well done!