Day 5 withdrawals

Wow I feel terrible. I woke up throwing up and it felt unfair because I wasn’t even drinking the night before like the last time I drank last Tuesday. I think I’m withdrawing. Hot flashes head hurts tired nauseous. I’m excited about this journey and know it will be so worth it and I will be so proud, and feel and even look so much better. So ready to take my life back. I’ve been drinking since I was a teenager and I’m now 25. I started counseling with a therapist who specializes in trauma and she said I won’t be able to process and heal from my trauma if I’m drinking. That was enough motivation for me to pour out half a bottle and say I’m done but was drinking the next couple days and it started getting more and earlier in the day. I was like a “high functioning” alcoholic when really there’s no such thing. I started DBT and journaling and it’s opened my eyes and heart a lot. All while being a full time single mom to my autistic and nonverbal almost six year old. I had him at just 19 and was abused by his dad. It’s been a long journey but he is what keeps me going he’s my everything. I’m Laine by the way. Happy to be here. :purple_heart:


Welcome Laine :slight_smile:

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Thank you!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Welcome Laine ! Wow ! I was never able to detox on my own. I always landed in the ER so I applaud your courage ! This is a great forum. Hopefully you will have the chance to maybe get into some type of group meetings as well. AA has been a lifesaver for me this time around. Sending you lots of Hope !!!

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Hi Laine :slightly_smiling_face: Sorry you’re feeling so yucky, but I’m really glad you’re here. You’re going to physically feel better soon, and it’s great that you have a therapist to help with the mental and emotional aspects. This is a great community with some wonderful people, so read as much as you can. That helped me tremendously in the beginning. There’s a Daily Check-in thread and a Gratitude thread… both are good places to start. We also have an Autism Support Group here if you’d like to check that out. :yellow_heart:


Welcome to TS, Laine! It truly is one day at a time. This community provides great support. Hope you get over those withdrawals soon.

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Hi Laine, welcome! :wave:t2:

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Welcome! I am also a mother that has gone through trauma. I am starting therapy this week and I am praying it helps me. I turned to alcohol to numb my feelings and try to cope with my trauma. The first week was hard for me too but it seems like once you get past that week it gets better and easier. I am 26 days sober now and I feel great. Keep up the great work and take one
day at a time. :blush:


That’s so great, therapy was the best thing I could have done for myself! I have it in an hour actually. I just do it over zoom. I hope you find a great counselor like I have. Wishing you the best. :purple_heart:

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Welcome to the forum and great job on your 5 days. Every minute, every hour, and every day can be a hard won victory in the beginning.

Your therapist is absolutely correct. Alcohol and drugs provide us a way to escape the pain of trauma in the moment, though it’s always waiting for us when we come back to reality. This is a huge step toward a better tomorrow for you and your son, though there will be some very difficult times along the way.

If your withdrawals get worse, I would suggest seeing a doctor, if you are able. Alcohol withdrawal can actually be dangerous at a certain point and a doctor can help get you through the worst of it in a safe way.

DBT is a fantastic therapy. I’m so glad you have access to it and I wish you the best with your healing. I hope you will come back to this forum regularly in the future and let it be another tool in your sobriety toolbelt.

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It will pass. It gets better after time.

Stay strong!