Day one here looking for support system

Hi All! So I’m trying sobriety again… for the hundredth time. I’m sober 12 hours and counting… I am having a hard time sticking with things because I don’t have a local support system. My husband is a BIG drinker… I don’t know anyone sober and with COVID I’m not comfortable seeking an in-person meeting at this time. Please reach out if you’re like me and wanting a support system at your fingertips lots of love and encouragement, Jill


Me and my wife just separated after 6 years of marriage. I too don’t wanna go to any public places due to covid for the kind of support I need so I came here. I came here on my 3rd day and now I am 23 days sober all thanks to the support people here have given me. aside from alcohol, people here have also been picking me up from the separation. There are many people here who have your back. Welcome to the App :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for your message and congratulations on your 23 days and counting! That’s an inspiration to me!


There are a lot of awesome people on here that are always willing to help! I’m glad you’re here. Keep sharing, keep reading! You’re not alone


Hey Jill, welcome to Talking Sober! Here is a great thread full of ideas on how to get and stay sober Resources for our recovery. Use the search tool to find topics you are interested in. Hang out here for awhile, you can feed on our energy.

Blessings on your house :pray: as you begin your journey!


Thank you so much these resources are exactly what I was looking for!

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I might AA from just this App alone cause its addicting :wink: lol

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