Dealing with loved non sober friends

Dealing with lifelong friends that are struggling themselves but don’t take the step towards recovery. Guilt of seeing them struggle. Wanting to help. But knowing you can only do so much. I’ve set the boundary of keeping my distance because I can’t put my own sobriety at risk but I won’t be able to live w myself if I see him die. Is there more I can do?


I’m not sure you can do anything more than tell them you care and are concerned for their health and ask if there is anything you can do to help them get better. (Maybe local resources, rehabs, AA/NA meetings, etc).
Show them how much happier you are being sober and the changes in your life since making the change. Could be what they need to not feel like it’s hopeless.


This Friends and Family disease of addiction sucks!
Al-Anon has been helping me a lot. I thought I had all the tools from previous experience. But getting my butt to meetings has helped me a lot.

There are some threads here if your interested in doing more reading. One of them is.

I’m sorry this is happening in your life.
Congratulations on your sobriety.


King your doing right its not much you can if they are not ready besides pray for them and stay sober so you can be there whenever they are ready. For me King when my friend way of living starts affecting my life n sobriety i put the boundaries up. Congratulations and continue on your journey ODAAT #wedorecover