When I’m sober I feel insanely depressed, bored, anxious, and uninterested in life. I don’t have fun doing the things I used to enjoy. Nothing makes me happy. Nothing but drugs. I don’t know what to do.

First there are physical withdrawals…that of course makes you feel like crap. You need to get the poison out of your body. Then comes the emotional rollercoaster. That’s not much fun either. But eventually you feel better and learn that this life is amazing. Give it time.


For a solid 3 weeks I felt terrible emotionally. By 6 weeks sober the withdrawal depression was mostly behind me. You’ve just got to hang in there. It gets easier. Reading helped me.


The longest I have gone was about a month and I just felt terribly depressed and miserable even though I was past the initial withdrawal. I felt like there was no point of being sober if I’m not happy so I relapsed.

I think this emotional roller coaster that you speak of is what I’m experiencing right now. I’m just past the one month point. Had a terrible day at work and can’t seem to keep it together for more than 5 minutes tonight. Very, very unlike me so just trying to remind myself of that and that it will eventually pass. Ahh I just love fighting against myself… blah.


For me, it took over 90 days to begin to feel any noticeable improvements. I am sure there were some, but I couldn’t tell anything until then.

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Im quite the opposite. When im using i dont want to do anything. I dont want to go anywhere…thats why I have to stop. Its preventing me from living and enjoying life.


Scientifically it takes about two years for your body to get back to normal after using and abusing drugs and alcohol it’s even hard for a doctor to diagnose you with depression or anxiety or any other type of mental or mood disorder. The best thing to do as like other people said is try to find some type of routine the best thing that you can do in early sobriety as to wake up meditate pray and get out of your house physical exercise walking talking to people usually wouldn’t talk to finding a meeting getting a sponsor and starting to work the steps. You’ll find that in a lot of the meetings there is tons of service work and a big part of feeling better about yourself as helping others. Try to help as many people as you can little or small or huge triumphs it’s all rewarding and it’s very humbling and it’s a nice feeling. When I first got sober I drank at home usually so for me being home was really really hard I had to find some way to get out of my house cuz I just wasn’t comfortable… So get involved with whatever you can… :heart:️ It will get better I promise


It takes a while for the brain to heal. The longer you’re on drugs, the longer it takes.

That’s just the way it is unfortunately.