Detox from painkillers

Hi everyone
I become addicted to amphetamine from the age of 16 and didn’t stop until my 30s when I did a detox at home then sadly become addicted to painkillers from my GP due to a vicious attack that I suffered which gave me a back injury, but then I started to buy painkillers off a friend as well,I am in a bad place with my GP at the moment as I have taken them to court which I can’t really talk about but they are really not compassionate with me and make any communication of any kind very difficult for me which shouldn’t be the case but it is, so I don’t feel I can reach out to them about the problem that I have with pills , and I can’t find any other organisation that could help me with painkiller abuse, but I can now say today that I have taken myself down off the pills myself and I’m not having any withdrawals I’m going down by 10 milligrams each time over a three-week period ,am on only day 4 and feel so happy with myself :smile: this is my life story… Just so happy that I’ve changed and that I’ve got the motivation to do this :100:everyone else’s stories are different or maybe similar but I’m just relieved that I’m here… Am not giving up as life is so special :two_hearts: if anyone has any advice please let me know as it has been a struggle when you don’t have any doctor guiding you but I am doing well :pray:

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Welcome Sam :wave: :innocent: Getting clean is the right thing to do :raised_hands: Keep it up!

There’s lots of support on your journey. Read around here - there’s lots of threads about pills and painkillers (search those terms in the search bar and you’ll find a bunch) - and check out some of the resources here too (lots of books, podcasts, support groups etc, where you can learn): Resources for our recovery

Nice to meet you!

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Welcome Sam! Congrats on making the decision to get clean.

I got addicted to pain pills after being prescribed them for a back injury. I had spinal surgery and when the dr reduced my dosage in attempt to wean me off, I found myself buying them on the streets. I tried multiple times to come off myself to no avail. I ended up going to an outpatient detox. Happy to have that lifestyle behind me.

Anyway, I’m here to support you on this journey. Please feel free to message me if you have any questions.


Thanks everyone it’s nice to be here I am half blind so at times find the difficult to navigate around new apps

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