Diet While Sober

Okay, Here it goes:
I’ll be the first to admit that while under the influence of drugs and alcohol my diet is the last thing i care about. As I’ve been (slowly but surely) coming up in my clean and sober time (80 days) I’ve also been working towards eating better and exercising more and living just a more healthy type of life. For instance spending time with my mom and her boyfriend, and trying my best to be nice to everyone :rofl:.
-Still working on that one
The biggest thing ive been working on is trying to lose my beer belly. The best thing that ive found that helps is more chicken and less white carbs and no sugary drinks (which is pretty much all of them :joy::sob:).

Anyways. Is anybody else working on this and if so hows it going, do you have any tips to share?

Thanks for your time!

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My biggest tip would be just not to bring the junk home from the grocery store in the first place. It’s so much easier to say no in the aisle, walk right on by, check out with less of a hit to your wallet, and then go home. Then until you go out again, there’s not even the option to ruin your diet with food that has no place in it.

What I’m working on is actually just building up discipline being consistent for a while. I had no consistency before, and I had to really tighten my shoestrings some months back, so how I ate changed quite a bit. It took some time to figure out how to get my nutrients in without going over budget, the prices really push you towards getting your calories from mega-carbs and processed everything. Anyways, I’m just aiming to maintain my current regime, make sure my weight stays stable, etc. Kinda wish it was more exciting :rofl:


This is seriously gold. I’m getting rid of all my snacks tomorrow because I honestly don’t need them. If it’s not there, i won’t eat it. And that’s a fact lol once i get out of the habit of snacking, it’s easier to avoid but it’s that initial habit to break that’s hard. Thanks James :+1:


I’m a weight loser. Slow and low, that’s my motto.

Slowly over time transition from sugary drinks to sugar free. All I drink anymore is water, iced tea, or club soda and sugar free cran.

As far as food goes, been eating less. Fresh veggies for lunch. Snack on nuts and seeds and yogurt.

Dinner is homemade/fresh foods.

Then do some cardio everyday.

I should lose weight by doing this. How much and how fast? Meh, I don’t really care how long it takes. Actually, the longer it takes the better, the more likely it’ll stick.


I’ve embraced snacks, actually. I just don’t allow them to be empty calories. I allow myself to have them any time I’m hungry and it’s not a meal time. Makes it easier to stick to my meal regimen. Since fat and protein is what I struggle to incorporate enough of in regular meals, I’ll have a tin of salmon, or some peanut butter, or something else like that. That way I feel full fast, and it’s guilt free because I’m really just complementing the meals, filling in gaps.

If it’s a snack but not healthy, then it’s really a treat, not a snack. I have different rules for treats :wink:



And I’ll third the, “Just don’t bring it home.” It took me longer than I’d like to admit to work that one out. :roll_eyes:

Funny, too, cuz first thing I did sober was clear the house of booze. Took a while to put the same together on the food front.


I think for me “mindless” snacking is never going to work. I don’t really mindlessly eat veggies, I mean I can but I need to make it habit. I didn’t eat snack foods for a long time and it was really easy for me to stay away from salty crunchy empty calorie snacks just because I literally never bought them. And, Yes the definition of “snack” is key here lol

@Dejavu, you’re doing it right!


Don’t bring junk / processed food home is a great suggestion. Also, don’t drink your calories. If you enjoy water, drink lots of it. Tea…hot or cold is also good, without added sugars. But lots of water is always a good thing, keeps your body and mind working well.

Big bowls of salad greens with lots of veggies, some protein, nuts and berries is always a great lunch or dinner.


Good job!! Try Hiit cardio on a fasted stomach. First thing in am after you wake up. Melts fat like butter in microwave. Good carb options for losing belly fat is jasmine rice. Best glycogen source on earth. Portion control for your meals. Sugar once a week. Sugar is the devil. I know it is so good. Just depends what physique you want brother. Take care and enjoy the grind!!

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I could always slim down with diet, but once I stopped I would always gain it back + more. A lot of trial and error for my body has led me to my response here (plain and simple): diet and A LOT of exercise (cardio AND weights- to keep off the weight and/or maintain).

I know a lot plays into weight… hormones, stress, your current metabolism, medications, medical history, motives (working on that single and looking bod), self control (we wouldn’t be here if we had it :100:), where you’re at as far sugar cravings go, what your dopamine fix is now that you’re sober, etc. Whew, that’s a lot :crazy_face: Anywho… I say do what you need to do to stay sober right now and avoid any diet pill/supplement recommendations. If you don’t know where to start as far as diet goes- you can always start with the basics: meat, veggies and fruits only, with a 100-150 carb allowance… this includes carbs from your fruits and veggies. Trial and error my friend…
or continue to ask for tips here or see a professional :ok_hand:

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I have a kid who likes a snack (salty or sweet) once in a while.
Unfortunately, I’ve found out that I was starting to be keen on them in the first days on sobriety.
So, unable to completely trust myself, I called the handyman and made him put a small padlock on the snacks cupboard (a friend of mine who lives two houses down our street hides the keys :joy:).


i do a simple ritual of taking a long walk after meals, esp supper. it really helps with bloating and to get things moving through my system.


Yep! I make sure that I have enough fruit for snacking at home. If I want something salty I have to cook.
@Jowieseff basically I did reduce my calorie intake, added more greens and started moving more. I had no sweet beverages for months, mostly I drink simple water. I even stopped putting milk into my coffee. Sometimes all of this works good, sometimes not :wink:


Yeah! No microwave foods for me. If I want to satisfy a craving, I’ve gotta want it enough to cook! I love that I can use my own laziness against me :laughing:


Ohh, talk about blind spot. I used to do this and swore by it, too. It felt great to have an evening constitutional, physically and just for the ahhhh, fresh air feeling. Never felt all full and gross before bed.

Might be time to reboot that one.

Reminds me I also stopped eating within three hours of bed time. Food in the gut while sleeping always makes me feel like blech.

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i do the stop eating hours before bed, too! that’s my #1. so ingrained i didn’t even think about it! whenever i read a diet article that’s the first thing i see ‘to do’ with yourself. i shoot for 2-4 hours.


La croix with dirt cranberry juice and splash of like juice, YUUUMMM


This very good information thank you.
Its actually really hard for me to not eat before bed… i feel like it helps me sleep better. There will be times where i literally cant sleep (which is often) so ill eat a snack before bed and then fall asleep.

This is a terrible habit but ive been struggling on letting this one go :sob:

an ex partner of mine had this same food habit! he says it helps him sleep/stay asleep. he could eat at 10pm, 2am, etc. i could never understand it bc i’m the opposite. :woman_shrugging:t2:

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Right?! A social occasion had me eating late this week for the first time in a long time. I felt like total rubbish in the morning.

@Jowieseff, I’ve got a friend who swears by the same as you for sleep though. Maybe it takes time? Now food keeps me up. :man_shrugging:

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