Drinking is evil

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I agree, it’s everywhere and I meant it in an earlier post when I said there are far more alcoholics/problem drinkers out there than people realise.

Here in Scotland people drink so excessively, my behaviour could be passed off as normal, weekends are lost as well as vacations as people view it as an opportunity to drink. I am Irish living here and felt a great expectation from people that I should want to go out and get hammered.

On UK television dramas. Nearly every scene has alcohol in it, everyone seems to remain fairly sober. But if anyone were really to drink that much they’d be lying in a ditch somewhere. On one, even the local priest is in the pub for a beer most days. It makes out that daily drinking is socially acceptable and makes light of people getting hammered and waking up hungover the next day. There is no messages from them to promote responsible alcohol intake if there is such a thing.

I feel personally more must be done to educate today’s children at a younger age so they are aware of the dangers of alcohol. I would love to arrange education on the binge drinking to excess and explain the alcohol allergy theory to them as if I’d known that during my late teens, my experience may have been completely different.

Unfortunately governments make so much in taxes from the big corporations they are unlikely to ever really do much about it, especially in the UK as they even have a bar in parliament where a lot of politicians go each day after work.

I’m just glad I’m figuring it all out before it was too late.


I find that interesting to hear about other countries and the alcohol culture. I’m from California, a small town that is known nationally as The Party Town especially for everyone that goes to the university here. Ive even had professors hold graduate level finals at the bar across the street!! I work in a lab where, for a while, wed go have several beers for lunch and go back to work. Every single person I know bar hops.


Obviously not everyone in Scotland does, I don’t wish to stereotype. But walk through Glasgow or any other big UK town or city on a Friday or Saturday evening and it is carnage.

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But when I was in California and New York last year, I admit I was surprised at the drinking culture as we always thought Americans didn’t drink like we did.


I live in a big college town in Texas, which is also known for its huge music festivals. The drinking culture is insane here as well. It’s a problem all over the world. An enormous amount of people suffering with alcoholism and drug addiction…covering up some kind of pain. It’s shameful that this poison is considered normal.

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It’s because it’s so much more readily available in supermarkets etc. than it used to be. This never used to be the case. I can buy a litre of whisky or Vodka for about $10 equivalent here in supermarkets.

I can buy 24 cans of beer for about $15 equivalent.

No one really seems to be giving a crap about social responsibility, as long as they are making money at the expense of others weakness they don’t care.

Sad world we live in. I am happy I want to be a sober alien :alien:


Right there with ya :vulcan::alien::vulcan:

Yep, @DrunkNoMore, and then we wonder why all our kids grow up and are alcoholics?
Maybe, because in between every cartoon there is a liquor commercial?:broken_heart:

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Here in Canada we have a culture of drinking as well. Beer being the most popular:

(The above is not too far from the mark)

The liquor companies have taken over our ideas of “partying” and other big social events like pro sports. We need to promote a culture where doing arts and sports is valued for their own sake. There are fun pastimes like: Playing sports, playing games (trivia, strategy, board, dice rolling, RPG), story telling, singing, dancing, playing instruments.

In older cultures singing and dancing were normal parts of life. I think the backlash against prohibition followed by the sexual revolution of the sixties and seventies helped made it “uncool” to do any of those things without alcohol. Still the liquor companies have really cashed in on this and we don’t need to play along. We can have fun without them!


Yea same here in US- wine and cocktails for Christmas, champagne for new years, and all summer long starting with memorial day is one huge excuse to drink beer - independence day is a big one. Back yard bbq, river floating, etc all centers around drinking cases of beer. We have police patrol the river near town and ambulances on standby during summer holidays as kids will get wasted on their floats and drown. We even have Halloween on lock down - no one from out of town is allowed to come party. They also schedule spring break during St Patrick’s day so all the kids will go home and not cause massive chaos downtown!

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Not to mention our crowned jewel in town is the local brewery. They sponsor everything - even children’s fundraisers. We call their beer “Chico water”.