Eurovision song contest sober.. will it be any good?


No idea what it was


Sigh… loved the German singer. He’s cute and the song was emotional. But not a winner’s song I think.




Someone entered the stage and grabbed the mic… couldn’t understand what he was protesting at but she got a new mic and performed the song to the end. Very professional and cool.


I clearly need to start paying attention to things more… :wink:


It did yes


BBC News is saying they think he said something like ‘nazis of the UK press, we demand freedom’.

Czech republic is my fave so far :monkey_face:


Did I just miss Finland performance?


It’s up now :blush:


Did you like it? I like the singer Saara as a personality…and she’s a good singer…not that much a fan of the song though


Oh wow she was really tough . Great voice too. Great performance


Now it was announced that UK was offered a redo, but they decided it’s not nescessary


Yeah heard so too.


I have to admit I never watched the Eurovision song contest in ages. Love it actually … Love watching it sober :wink:


Let’s make a date for next year watching it together on here :blush::blush::blush:


Okay, Israel gets my vote OMG


I gotta hit the sack…but hope who ever you like will win…actually they’re all winners :slight_smile: nighty night


Maybe we get at least one point this year haha


Isreal was omg amazing. Such a proud girl. Really catching. I don’t like this style of music but wow how did she perform!!! It was great.


The British or the German one??? Ha ha