Eurovision song contest sober.. will it be any good?


The German one


The German one was my 2nd favourite, was a really good performance imo


I think the song is too quiet between all the loud and colourful and shrill performances. But lets see😉


Just fell in love with the irish song :heart_eyes:


I thought it was good, haven’t watched for a good few years. Portugal was good, Israel was crazy but really good, what was Moldova all about? Also what was going on with Netherlands dancers? Like crazy break dancing to country music?


I liked the song. I actually love The Common Linnets


Israel was fantastic! Never seen anything like it…pure Eurovision :grin:


Who won? Or is it not over yet?


Loved the song too. Gave it a call :+1::raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:


It’s not over Sherri. The performances are but now it’s about the P O I N T S :rofl:


Just starting the voting… my wife is called Sherri… never met another one :grin:


Jess mauboy in with a shot you reckon??


Sorry I’m not a native speaker :wink:


What do you mean Sherri?


The Australian song gets better everytime I hear it. So yeah … was a great ESC night :grin:


The aussie performer lol. She made it to the grand final didnt she?


Yeah it was very special :wink:


Thanks for creating this thread @Robketts and thanks for joining me at the Eurovison song contest night on here ladies and gentlemen , you made my night. I call it a night and leave it a surprise for tomorrow morning to hear who wins the contest. Good night everybody and a happy sober Sunday to you all!


I liked Finland @Rain666 …but the Aussie song was good… hopefully sympathy votes for UK for stage Invader!:angry:


I actually liked the UK song. She’s a bit like Annie Lennox who I love.