Fast approaching 100 days Sober and worried about a relapse

Hi There,
Has anyone else felt the pressures of reaching a 100 days and their brain starts to tell them to reward themselves with a drink?
I know deep down that it would never be just one drink and i also feel so good being sober, however with 100 days fast approaching I’ve started to get bad cravings back for alcohol?!
It’s completely blind sided me as I havent felt any need for it up until now? Im on day 87 now. Just wondering if this is a common occurrence? How did you over come it and what strategies did you facilitate to battle it?


Yes, that happened to me before. Unfortunately it never was one drink…

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Did you make it through the cravings?

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totally normal to get your cravings around a milestone. i’m not sure why but any big milestone like your first triple digits causes our minds to think about our DOC.
Best way to overcome these urges is to buckle down with your sobriety tools. Keep yourself super busy during the next couple of weeks. Stay connected here - i find the more i’m on this site and reading around the stronger i get. the advice and support here is outstanding. if you are already attending meetings - then do a few more during the next couple of weeks. maybe also look into a sponsor or a sober friend who would know the struggle you are experiencing.
you are not alone in this. we are here for you my friend. congrats o your 87 days!


Thanks so much Jazzy! I have to admit I was using this site quite frequently up until the last couple of weeks and i did notice a difference not checking in daily to read other peoples journey.
So I’ll make sure to stay connected, it certainly is a very helpful community! Thank you so much for the advice and support


It is common to feel this way around milestones. Remember its just another day in the end. Don’t get too lost in your own mind and remember 100 days is just a gateway to 1,000 days, 10,000 days and the rest of your sober life.


Thanks soberguy! Very true words and makes total sense. I want to keep pushing through and remind myself of the bigger picture. I appreciate your words and reminder of the bigger goals later down the track!


Thank you for this! what a lovely reminder.

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94 days here…

I know what you mean. With approaching 100 days, I feel the momentum but don’t want to lose it. Can’t lose it.

This is actually the first time I’ve made a community post, and It’s amazing that this topic was at the top of the list when I decided to jump on here. Serendipitous.

We’re all going through our own personal battles but can share this common ground.

I’m thinking back to the last 94 days. How much stronger I’ve become in that short period of time. How many people are rooting for me and the relationships I’ve began to mend (even if they may take a long time to heal - they are moving in the right direction)

I don’t want to go back to the nightmare of waiting for the next drink, not knowing what I did or what I said the night before, the money lost, opportunity’s wasted.
I want to be the best version of myself I can be.


I have always been one to get increased cravings around milestones too. I think thats quite common for many of us. Usually when i get cravings i talk it out (like ur doing now), and remember my reasons for WHY i quit in the 1st place. I do alot of self care during these times and deep breath or do grounding exercises, whatever helps in the moment to get thru the cravings. And i always play the tape thru to the end. I imagine myself after a relapse and how awful id feel throwing away my clean time for something that adds no benefit to my life (drugs or alcohol). Thats a good deterent for me :slight_smile: congratulations on ur sober time! Im excited to see u hit 100 days!


My longest I went without a drink was 6 months, and it got easier as I hit 6 months, but still somewhere in the back of my head my brain would say “have a drink” I’d say it wasn’t as bad as the first 100 days…but the idea of having a drink was still always there.

As people who have found drinking a habit, the idea or craving will always be there no matter how far into your journey you get because we’ve made it apart of our lives at one point, but as the time goes on , the easier and easier it gets to say no and not feel the cravings as bad as for say the first few months aka “100” days .

Try to plan something special or big for that day incase you think you might slip up. Celebrate your 100 days the right way. Go have a bbq or something ! :slightly_smiling_face:


Milestone Malady.
Your addict brain is all pissed off and trying to make you fuck up. It’s real. Even when you know it’s coming. 300 was the worst for me. I knew it was coming. I was depressed. Bummed. Didn’t do much. It sucked. But my head hit the pillow sober. There’s no way I will ever just have one. And no way I want to start over. I only got one recovery in me. I’m taking it all the way.

Mix things up. Different walking rout if you walk. Listen to different music. Sit at a different place at the table. Drive a different way to work. Drink lots of water. Keep checking in here. Go to meetings. Just don’t pick up that first one.
87 is awesome!!!


It seems like it happens to almost everybody. Lots of good suggestions here for you and you can see how common your feelings are and how to bolster yourself!


Thank you so much everyone for your support, ideas and sharing your stories. It really is a good reminder to not feel alone in this and to know you’ve all felt these same feelings.
I came across a baby pademelon (small type of kangaroo) this morning, who’s mother had sadly been hit and killed by a car. I feel this has given me some purpose to work on her rehabilitation and raising her as I will now be required to feed her every 3hrs. I know it sounds silly, but it’s kind of given me some purpose which I felt i was lacking. Given how small she is she may not make it, but for now it’s giving me the strength to put my cravings and thoughts aside to love and care for something.
I really do appreciate all of you so much!! I thought milestones would be easier, but I understand it’s about celebrating them in a different way instead of not remembering them and being full of regret the next day/weeks. You all possess a great strength that I look up too, so thank you for keeping me strong


Big congratulations on 94 days! That’s absolutely amazing. Im really glad that this topic spoke to you. I can completely agree with mending relationships too. It amazing what sobriety can offer. Thank you for reaching out. I hope you do something nice for your 100 days!


Hey so two months ago I was 80 days sober when the biggest cravings hit. I craved every day for 12 days, on day 92 I relapsed. So I just wanna say, I know it, and what went wrong was that I drank big amounts of coffe to get some kick, started hanging around more with using buddies to get their validation that my relapse would be good and got resentment and anger that I tried to numb away. Also I didn’t move enough, before I had had walks 3-6 hours a day, 10-35 km, but when I was craving more I stopped and was passive, eating lots of junk food and on my phone a lot. I also had a visualization technique where I’d imagine myself sober for 10 minutes and I also stopped that at like day 80. Also I went online to read drug related forums which was also a factor. But there were certainly other reasons involved which I still have to find out


For some it may be true but there’s a lot of addicts who mostly after a year or three do not have a single craving at all. There are also those that still crave after 5 or 10 years sober but I don’t want to be one of these people. It may take a few years but I want to get to a point where the craving is not there at all and I would be pretty hopeless if I’d think it would be always there . It’s interesting to see the difference when I’m in meetings, those who never crave and those who still do I don’t know what these two groups have in common


Thank you for sharing your journey, and what you are saying is exactly what ive been doing. Over the last couple of weeks ive dropped the exercise and been on my phone more. Im blaming it on the weather (being winter here) but i know it’s an excuse I’m making. Time to start focusing on those things again. Thanks for your honesty and sharing. You sound like you’ve done some soul digging and have a great understanding of your triggers and goals


Yes I’m digging really deep into my soul😄 Daily Meditation, writing in my diary, going to meetings for addicts (not AA) and visiting drug counselor help me with that a lot. I’m also going to rehab in a few months to really tackle the addiction .

Where do you live that it’s winter? It’s super hot here right now I’m in Germany .

And I would bet a hundred dollars that when you start exercising again you will at least temporarily get less cravings :slight_smile:


Wow you sound amazing! Please keep me updated on your journey. I hope rehab goes well for you. Unfortunately we only have one here and i know a lot of the staff. I live in Tasmania. Everyone knows everyone, so I’ve done my sobriety alone with my husband as people talk here and the community is very small.
Where abouts in Germany are you from? I spent a few months in Essen many years ago. I loved the food in Germany.
Haha I’m 100% sure youre right about the exercise! I know how good it made me feel. Im going to pull my finger out tomorrow and start again :wink: