Feeling like a failure and depressed

So, I’ve started my timer, downloaded the aa app and have been reading the literature on there. After last night, I feel like a complete failure. I feel like a terrible mother and wife. My anxiety is through the roof and I’m struggling. I’m open with my husband about needing the support. I’ve now been open with my daughter about it as well, explaining that I have a problem with alcohol. Shes 11 and has already jumped in calling it “operation bunny” to help mom stay sober. Im hoping sobriety turns into a family thing in my home but for now im trying to work through the feeling of failing them all.


Your not a failure.
Keep your head up. It does get better with time.

I always thought it’s ironic how myself would drink to feel good but end up feeling horrible and then feeling horrible because I drank when I meant to do it to feel good

Sorry for that clusterfk of a bad paragraph.

I fked up yesterday with some weed. It’s a lesser evil but for someone like me, a substance is a substance. I want it all and it’s gone in a moments

I put my wife through so many ups and downs with my substance abuse. But in the end she’s just happy I’m alive still.

I am sober today. Thank goodness

So I hope I helped a little

Keep coming back


You are courageous for reaching out, looking at AA, and choosing sobriety for you. Glad you are here.


Shame and past failures memory doesn’t help too much. The present moment and what to do with it is what helps every day. We can’t change the past. But we can change the present and this will affect our future. Courage!!! You are bold sharing this struggle with your family and that is a GREAT step


You are not failure. Early in sobriety you will have waves of highs and lows. As it starts to level out you will notice the priblems in your life and have an opportunity to fix them. Just keep sober and read up here, your path will become clearer everyday.


Sounds like you have a very loving and supportive family who are so willing to help you through this journey, even your 11 year old daughter. “Operation Bunny”…that is too cute! Stay strong! :muscle: