Finally admitted I have a problem

Dealing with issues for a long time and dealt with it with drink. Never felt I had the need to drink and it was just something I did to deal with stuff. Ended up getting an assault charge on a night out that isn’t the best to get as a teacher. Friend asked me to stop this week and caved within as few days. Felt it was nothing but now I realise that this is something I have to deal with. 37 minutes in. I really want this to be it.


Welcome friend! We’re in this together! The first step to any great journey…has to start somewhere. As the days rack up to weeks then years and then your life. I know you’ve made the best choice. The times you don’t think you have…come on here. Do anything to distract you that’s healthy and that you love. Dig deep into who you are once the fog lifts…and until then be kind to yourself. Tell yourself 5 good things every day when you wake up. Be grateful for what you have and relish life as it comes…one minute at a time. Congratulations on taking a stand.


Thank you. I want this to be it. No illusions of how hard it will be but this is the first time I’ve admitted anything to anyone. Thanks for the welcome.

You’ve got this and you have us!

Hi @Ggowguy and welcome to the forum. :wave: Thanks for sharing your situation. You should try and face it head on with a clear head.

If you have committed to stopping, it is the most important decision of your life. :rainbow: Start with all the support you can get - this forum, AA or other meetings, an outpatient/inpatient program, reading and videos. There is so much out there! But it has to come from within you - it will not be easy.

Here is a useful thread on getting through early recovery:

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