Finally got the courage

This is my first time talking here but I tried to use this app twice before… never got past day 10 (btw I struggle with porn addiction)

Today is my day 3 and it was kinda hard for me.

Last year I finished college and started working in January. I thought when I was busy with work things would be different and I wouldnt have time to do do that anymore. I was so wrong and today I am back here to start once again my walk to “sobriety”. I wish everyone good luck too and hope you have a wonderful day/night.

Sorry im not always very good with words


Welcome Gabriel, it’s very nice to meet you :innocent: :wave:t2:

There are many people struggling with porn and there’s a good number of people here working on that. If you search “porn”, “PMO”, “masturbation”, and other similar terms in the search box you’ll find many threads.

This thread is one that has been fairly active over the last year or so:

PMO - Porn, Masturbation, Recovery

For me I found my porn use was a habit that got entrenched largely because I’d neglected my whole self, my sense of achievement, my sense of connection and healthy intimacy and healthy risk-taking and achievement - all those patterns were underdeveloped in me and the porn use was keeping me distracted from the work I really needed to be doing (which was about building a foundation of constructive behaviours; as that foundation is being built I am finding more and more the idea of turning to porn loses its “appeal”).

Take it one day at a time. Reach out for help. For me I joined a sex addiction recovery clinic in my city, and that has helped me a great deal. Don’t give up - the key is determination and action.

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Thanks for the support. Today I felt very relieved that I went through yesterday even if struggling. I appreciate the thoughts and will keep doing my best


Hey @PokemonFan and welcome here! @Roy123 liking you here, seems like you guys are on a similar journey. Good luck to you both! :rainbow: