First AA Meeting - My story

Today I went to my first AA meeting.

I hadn’t told my husband that I had started this sober journey yet. But he had noticed my lack of drinking (ya know, cause I used to drink all the time). But he hadn’t said anything to me about it.

I had been debating on a meeting for a long time, even before I got serious about living the sober life. But it was just weighing on me, kind of like calling me to go to it. I was skeptical, because I am not a religious person like I used to be (not saying AA is strictly religious either). But I figured why not give it a shot, and if it’s not for me then I don’t have to go back, right?

So I made the decision right before the meeting time that I was going, but I had to tell my husband what I was doing, because if I was this serious, he should know from me that I am serious and I’m making this life change.

I called him from the car and asked what his thoughts were on me going to a meeting, and he asked why and I told him I was done, that I had hit my breaking point Super Bowl night and I needed to do this for me. He supported that decision and I told him good thing he did because I was already almost to the meeting.

I was scared shitless to go in… heart racing, hands shaking… but I did it. As I sat and just observed and listened I realized that thank goodness I found a group that really understood what I was going through. I could relate to most of what was being said in that room. I was greeted and sat by a woman who, when I first walked in asked if I was new there and welcomed me. Later in the meeting she asked if I had the AA book, and of course I didn’t. She kindly went and got me one, along with meeting lists, and other resources that I may need.

At the end they were giving out chips, and I listened as they called out all the milestones… they were finally done, and getting ready to sit back down, and I stood up… of course all eyes were on me, and I asked if I could have a white one… and broke down in tears infront of everyone. I just couldn’t hold it in anymore. I was scared, nervous, vulnerable… without saying a word I laid it all out in receiving that chip.

After the meeting was over I was surrounded while I still was tearing up being welcomed with open eyes and words of encouragement.

I just wanted to share my story for those who are debating going to a meeting, or for those who do attend meetings already, and just need to know that you sharing your stories, struggles and achievements really does help those new to the meetings.


Good on you.


This is amazing to hear , I’m attending my first meeting tonight with a couple of girlfriends who have also taken the sober journey , I’m nervous , scared but excited. After reading your post I’m so glad I am finally going :heart::pray::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thank you so much for sharing! At 7pm i will be going to my very first meeting. I’m also scared so this puts my mind at a little bit of ease!


I am so glad to hear that my story helps put your mind at ease. That’s why I wanted to share because I know how nerve racking it is. I hope that you have a good meeting as well! Let me know how it goes!


Going the first time is a huge step. I am glad my story has helped with some of the nerves. I hope you have a wonderful experience! Let me know how it goes!


What a beautiful share Kendis. Now I’m crying.
Good for you. :hugs:

It took me awhile before I told my wife about this app and how serious I was about quitting. We finally had a good talk and she supports me. She’s going to keep drinking. But she supports my sobriety.

With your open mind you will go far and succeed. Just love this.


Been saying that here for years try a meeting might help ,glad it helped you wish you well


Felt the same way after my first meeting 2 weeks ago. I’ve been almost every day since and I feel a little better each time.

Glad it went well for you too!


Thank you! I’m glad I went. My husband will most likely continue to drink, and I told him that was fine with me (at least for now it hasn’t bothered me) but he too supports me in my sober journey and for that I am thankful.


I " went" to an aa zoom meeting last night. First one in about 23 years. Have had times of sobriety since. About 3 years was the longest stretch. EisE enough is enough. Hopefully no more resets.


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Thank you for sharing. My first day on this journey was the day after Super Bowl as well. I was just tired of being tired. I am over going to places and events and not remembering if I enjoyed myself. I knew I was going to love the half time show however even though I watched it I couldn’t remember it! I had to rewatch it the next morning. I had had enough. I still haven’t told my husband. I feel like I need to wrap my head around my decision and be in it by myself for a bit. I feel good and I’m determined and I will share it with him soon. I have been hesitant about going to a meeting but your positive experience has me leaning more toward giving a meeting a try. I am so overwhelmed by the amount of support and encouragement in this community. I need to be here.


This is such an awesome post. Sober journey is so much better when you don’t do it alone.


Thank you for sharing with me. I understand the holding off on telling your husband. When I told mine earlier today he was supportive, but once we were both home and talked he just wish I had told him sooner so he could help support me through it. Telling him may be difficult but it may be the best thing you could do for not only yourself, but for him too.

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I think you might be right. He has always been in my corner. I think part of my reluctance on saying anything is because I’m so afraid to fail in front of him. I just want to do this right this time!


Good for you and all that have just joined and are starting to attend AA. Hope you find the support you need!

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Hey Donna! So good to see you here on TS! One of the best things I did was “out” myself to my friends and family about my drinking. You can use whatever terminology you want, but not letting people know makes it much easier to relapse and continue drinking. All of my friends and family supported me. Most were very happy for me.


I also felt the same way. I thought, if I can hit “this” particular milestone I’ll tell him… but I wish I hadn’t waited because I may have been less inclined to relapse my after my first 5 days sober because I could have tried to talk out my feelings with him, or he would have seen me pour that drink and stop and open up conversation instead of him not knowing how serious I was and just let me drink anyway.

It can never hurt to have the person you love and that loves you in your corner. You may slip up, but at least then you have someone near and dear to your heart to help you get back on track, along with your sober community.