First day off the alcohol Can't take it anymore

It’s the first day off of alcohol can’t take it anymore I can’t take waking up not knowing what I did can’t take the endless pain that I feel when I wake up the aching headache my body cant do it anymore so I said I’m done


Welcome aboard! You are in good company here. Congratulations on your decision to break free. Read around and see what you find helpful. TS has made a huge difference for me In my sobriety journey, hope it helps you as well.

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Welcome! When you are truly sick and tired of feeling sick and tired then that is the first step.

Here are some links and information that may be helpful for your recovery. :purple_heart:
Resources for our recovery


Thanks I know I’m Stronger than the ties that bind


How’s it all going?
The first few days can get real rough, but you only have to do them once if you so choose.


It’s ok I mean I Taste it in my mouth if u Know what I mean