First time to try hard

I am motivated to get alc out of my life. What to do on first step?

Welcome to our awesome community! Here’s a good place to start.


Acknowledge and accept you have an issue with alcohol…

Adjust and adapt your gonna go through so many challenges, you may not of noticed how much you would use alcohol as a coping strategy…

Know your not alone and say yes to the support and guidance given… Be that rehab, aa/na meetings, SMART programmes, medical field,(doctors, nurses, councillors…)

Remember to just be in the now, one day at a time.

There is no quick fix again this one takes major effort from you. Its not as a simple I will not drink… You have to learn new coping strategys, who you are without alcohol and understand that there is so much more in life that you can be doing that doesn’t Involve said poison.

Be kind to yourself, we know every way possible on how to conflict self damage, anger l and destruction but we forget to love ourselves and time to heal.


Warm welcome to the group! Admitting you need help and asking for it are the first steps, so you’re on your way! :slightly_smiling_face:

Initially, I got rid of all the alcohol in my house. Next, I told my closest family members that I wanted to be sober and I would need their help. Thirdly, I removed all alcohol-related things from my life… places, people, activities, even certain music. While we’re finding our footing in the newness of sobriety, it does us no good to have these things around. Always, always ask for help right when you’re needing it. Someone else has gone through, or is going through, exactly what you are. Sharing is healing. Reading other’s stories is healing. You can do this, and you don’t have to do it alone. :slightly_smiling_face::purple_heart: