First week is always the hardest

New to the app. Haven’t been sober in 6 years. Idk if I’ll make it to day 3 or even 5. But I’m here on this app bc I need some type of incentive and support to show me I’m doing it and I can. Im scared but it has to happen. Im going to end up dead, jail or without my husband and kids. Trauma has scarred me and has taken me down the darkest hole. I want to let go and be happy again.


Hey welcome! We do our best to encourage and hold each other accountable. Stick around. Sobriety is possible and its easier with a community.


And you can be!
At first welcome here, this is a good place to start your sober journey with.
Yes, the first week is difficult but it’s doable. Take babysteps! Focus on today and this day only.
Make a plan in how to do it. For me I made a list of things to help me getting started and what to do with cravings. I will share that list with you, maybe you see something that can help you too.

Stick around, being here much is a foundation for succes because you found many info here about how to become and stay sober/clean and you’re surrounded by people who understand where you are going trough.
This app and the people in it are a big part of my recovery, sober for more then 5 years now.
You can do that too! :facepunch:


Hey Bambee, welcome to the family, big hugs and love from me…when i first came here i was absolutely desperate and rock bottom…i knew i had to give up the drinking too, i was terrified…i had no idea how i was going to get out of the deep hole id dug for myself either but you know what i did it and you can too…what made the difference was the compassion i got from people here that understood what addiction is like, i hated myself but the people on here made me realise i was not this dreadful person but a person with an addiction that needed compassion…they gave me that and from that it gave me the strength and understanding to eventually treat myself with compassion which is what you need to do to begin this healing process…you are not some monster you are a human being with an addiction that needs help. Stick around here do not try to do this alone, come here preferably every day and keep talking to us, we will guide you as best we can because thats what we are here for, we are all in this together, i know exactly where you are right now, my love to you :people_hugging: :heart:


Welcome to the family :pray:t2::two_hearts: take it one moment at a time. Be gentle with yourself. This journey is hard but it does get easier. Lean on us! We understand exactly what you are going through. It’s lovely to meet you as if I look forward to seeing you around :pray:t2::two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts:


@Starlight14 thank you so much for writing and sharing. I am very new here also - day 5 of my sobriety journey. I am in a very dark place with crippling anxiety and negative self talk but reading your words has given me the little tiny bit of hope that i so desperately needed today. So thank you so much. @Bambee you are amazing for being here. You are amazing for being so brave to share and you are amazing because you are trying. Good luck with your first week. I am on day 5. One moment at a time. And so many caring souls on here. Thank you again to everyone for sharing your struggles and successes x


Congratulations on making the decision! Not only do you have some great incentives in your post, long-term, I can tell you for sure a few things about the short term, yeah, the first few days are rough. Sometimes the fifth days but worse than the first. But after the fifth day, you clear a hurdle. It’s still not easy, but I will say this when you get to about day 10, all the sudden you are going to get God’s sleep! I’m talking you are gonna look forward to going to bed and waking up feeling 20 years younger! Please keep us posted, we are here for you, you can do it!

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You are so welcome, im glad that what i wrote helps you…it helps me also . …thats the beauty of this site…we all get it here… weve probably all done things in our addictions that we arent proud of but here, in this safe place we can leave our guilt and shame at the door and be heard and understood…we can help and be helped xx

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Two whole days sober for me. But I wonder when the Cravings let up a bit! All Im thinking about is giving up…because my brain floods with tthe overwhelming sad thoughts…I haven’t yet! Somehow this community helps me fight harder…but still afraid I will cave in. Im listening to my favourite music on earphones and drinking black tea!

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No your not going to cave, relapse isnt an option…remember all the reasons why your doing what your doing, grit your teeth and hang in there, you can do this :heart:

Seeing people with years and years is a daunting feeling…it seems insurmountable and an impossible feat…

Look around and see how many people have made it and continue to make it…have you ever heard one person say “this is a cake walk”. We all struggle and so will you…difference is the longer you stay sober the more tools you have in your tool belt…you’re changing an engine with a flat head screw driver…

I keep messing up but I have more tools that when u started…

Self help and spiritual videos on YouTube…try a sport like golf? Just don’t socialize in the same crowd that drinks with you…we all believe in you but it doesn’t matter if you don’t believe in yourself…I felt exactly how you did, it wasn’t that long ago…

I went to about 225 meetings in 90 days and still went out…it’s a secret formula that only you know…make adjustments and just learn to listen…

I’m the first 2 weeks I was looking around, looking at the decor, saying to myself “how did I get here”. “Are these people really the same as me”. “Nobody gonna understand my mind or how I think”. Turns out they are wayyyyy worse that me lol…

Honestly, we are all different but the same in many many ways…only way to get sober to to talk to another alchoholic…my wife, my aunts, my friends, my uncles, nobody understands me except for my home group…I love those guys and I’ve only been around for a few months