First week sober

Going on my first week sober, trying to keep busy with work, but the anxiety is killing me, I feel I need to keep busy or il relapse


Congrats on your first week! :confetti_ball:

Congrats on your first 7 days

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Wow, I’m only half as far !
Great job!

Great Job!!

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Cheers Steve, how long you been sober

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Thanks hope I can keep it up this time

How long you been sober, and is it alcohol like me

Yes, definitely alcohol as well, particularly wine. According to the app, it has now been 3.9 days, so pretty close to 4 days ! :grinning:
The weekend is coming up, and that’s usually a tough (and kind of lonely) time for me, but I plan to stick it out.
I’ve tried before (without the app and the forum etc.) and I once got to about 45 days, only to backslide viciously !
We’ll both get there !

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All the best

Day 358 for me


Great work! Keep it going

Awesome job!!

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Congratulations on a week! Dealing with the anxiety is one of the hardest parts for me. It was so easy to get drunk for temporary stress relief. It’s taken me a long time to develop other methods of relaxing. It took time but I slowly started remembering the things I used to enjoy doing before I drank and I’ve worked at cultivating those interests. I also found that walking is a very good way for me to process my thoughts. Great job and I wish you continued success.


Wow, brilliant achievement, just shy of a year ! I look forward to getting to that point.

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Congrats on first week! Keep up the great work.

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Only another day and a half to my first week… i’m looking forward to it!

Great first week :slight_smile:
This will get better as you get stronger.
Stay focused on your mission you are doing awesome :clap::clap:


How you doing im going on a month now

I’m a week in as well. Congrats! It’s tough man, but it’s better having a clear mind and facing our challenges than to run away from it and create more.