Fizzy drink addiction 🥤

Has anybody else got this?

I’m drinking about 2 litres of fizzy drink a day. It’s so so bad for me

When I go to the shop I cannot help myself buying it, it’s similar to when I used to buy alcohol

It’s very strange as I can go most of the day without a fizzy drink and then I have 1 glass and afterwards I cannot stop :stop_sign:

I vow not to have the first fizzy drink and to choose water / cordial…

I wish I liked to drink 🫖 but I don’t unfortunately

Has anybody got recommendations for thirst quenching healthy drinks?

Thanks all


My go to was Kombucha, you just need to try a few flavours to see what you like. It’s definitely a healthier option and it also helped me lose weight…and speaking of which I’m going to grab one now lol.


Maybe buy a big tray of cans of carbonated water?
Soda can be really addictive…


I’m going cold turkey from today- I need to break the habit :sweat_smile:


yes and I also drink so much tea it can’t be good for me. I really wish I had the same mindset when it came to alcohol, for years I consumed more than should be humanly possible without a care in the world. Once again the insanity of the addict brain - enjoy you fizzy pop :grin:


Soda water and lime , drink peppermint tea and green tea no coffee or tetley now my colon needs a rest lol or a large glass of water here in Scotland its soft not like England no descaling your kettles up here LOL Did you get a zoom meeting you were asking about a few days ago ? if you ever need to share just drop me a line buddy always happy to help


@Jennajen why don’t you join me? :blush:

Yes I went to a Manchester one in the end mate

And yes I will do :ok_hand:

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I’m getting a belly now I’m early 30s

I’ve always had a 6 pack even when I drunk gallons of beer. I want it back and to focus on health now my compulsion to drink has been lifted


Try sprakling water. I always had a love for sodas, my parents owned a fast food place when I was a kid. We always had soda at home, and I rather have it nowdays too. Common practice here is having treats like that only on the weekends and we always do sugar free versions. It’s a hard habit to break. My dentist (I never had bad tooth that needed fixing) said that it’s not that bad, if it ain’t energy drinks, or drinks with fruit juice. Because it’s the acid that affects your teeths. Most of the times I do try to drink sparkling water with some flavoring anyway because I know it’s better than soda.


Woah that is a lot of fizzy drinks!

Fizzy water is a good shout although anything carbonated can mess with your teeth if you have too much of it. But I like sparkling water with some lemon and ice. Mint is nice too. I would also recommend a soda stream, definitely worth it and much less waste if you use it regularly.

The emoji doesn’t come up for me so not sure what this is…

But fruit tea can be ok. Does depend on th brand a bit. I sometimes make a pot full with extra bags, then stick it in the fridge once it’s brewed. So it’s like squash but not!

I do drink a lot of normal tea as well but try and add in some herbal/ fruit teas and cups of water or squash to break up the caffeine intake!


Try different kinds of tea? Things like nettle, buckwheat have no caffeine. The routine of making it is also therapeutic. (I can’t see the emoji either)

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Man, I miss squash😢.

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This :point_up_2:

I buy them by the carton now and it gives me a good (not unhealthy) break from just plain water. Cheap too!


I drank lots of sodas back when and the caffeine was what had me hooked. Coffee as well. Maybe start substituting in 1 bottle of flavored seltzer, slowly wean off? Or if you are sticking to cold turkey, then drink lots of the flavored ones. I assume you are getting some sugar and caffeine from them? So you will have some withdrawals. Sorry if I am not understanding what you are drinking and I got it mixed up. :crazy_face:

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I do! I have broken it many times and always end up back to it. I buy the super tiny cans and have 2 a day now. I tried flavor waters but aspartame and sucralose give me migraines from hell. The new thing I started 2 weeks ago is a water intake challenge. Every day you are prompted to drink water at a certain point and increase your daily intake. As long as I have ice, I am fine with it. I’ve cut back so much with it and am almost done. I never drank soda until a year a half ago and I regret starting it. You can do it! Just know that you will get some headaches and feel a little crappy for the first week. The more water you drink, the better you feel. Also, Tylenol for the headaches and a daily multivitamin seems to help as well.

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Pepsi Max is my drink of choice


Ah! Caffeine and sugar, tough combo, but I have faith in you!!

Oh yeah. I gave up alcohol then Dr pepper became the new beast.

I am struggling with this as well. I quit drinking and seem to have replaced it with diet coke. Everything I run out I say I am going to stop drinking them and end up at the store buying more. Urghh.