For Anyone Struggling With The Thought Of Drinking Moderation

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This video has been shared on a couple other threads and I think it’s important for anyone who is struggling with trying to drink in moderation. I know for me, drinking in moderation is so extremely exhausting it’s just not worth it. I constantly have to think about how many drinks have I had, how quickly have I been drinking them, what have I been mixing together, etc. It gets to the point where I’m frustrated and irritated, it’s too much and many times I’ve just said f*** this and completely go down hill. It’s mentally exhausting to moderate yourself. But that’s the key too, isn’t it? If you have to moderate yourself, then the topic of concern shouldn’t even be moderation, it should be I’m having a problem that I need to pay attention to. So, I think this is a really great video to watch and hopefully it will help you if you are struggling. :slight_smile:


Those of us that have the propensity to imbibe past the point of no return, are and always will be alcoholics. I learned long ago my true nature . Moderation? Me? Not a chance in hell!


Same here. It’s almost humorous for me to even think about moderation. I quit at the end of November last year until New Years. I’ve drank “moderately” these last 7 months. I did it several times but it was so mentally exhausting as I was constantly asking the questions I mentioned previously to myself the entire night to the point where it was like what hell am I doing? Why am I putting myself through this. Or sometimes I would just say f** it and not moderate myself and then feel like complete crap the next day and usually end up having to apologize to someone for ruining the night with my insane mental breakdown.


Mental breakdowns aplenty, who’s with me?


I found out real quick that I could not do moderation. From Jan 2nd to March 5th I tried to quit on my own. I told myself that I would have a drink some days and not others. Needless to say I had a drink every day.
March 5th is when I opened my eyes. I was an alcoholic and I could not drink in moderation. Like someone else said, there was no way in hell


I misspoke myself. Not an actual breakdown rather the constant self-browbeating. This occurred on a constant basis until I finally realized what I was.

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Annie grace and her videos are fantastic. 20 years of attempting moderation was such a waste of mental energy, so glad to be free!


I bought it the other day and just started reading it!! Only a chapter in and my mind is blown on how much I connect to her.


No moderation for me. The second that booz touches my lips it’s all or nothing. Doesn’t matter where I am, as soon as I drink all I wanna do is drink all of it. The drink always wins

Abstenance or early death after life half forgotten through drunkenness are my choices


Today is 90 days for me and I have never thought about drinking more, as in wanting a drink, wanting a stiff cocktail or a couple of beers. It’s insane, and I know it is insane, because I know everytime I pick up one, I end up having like 10, at least. And then I always want to drive. I am at the point in my recovery, where newer people are starting to reach out and look to me even though I am still super new- people with days or a couple weeks, and i’m like yes I can show them what my sponsor is telling me, but I have never wanted a stiff drink more! It sucks! I don’t want to play mind battle like this. Any and all feedback would be appreciated. I went to the grocery store today because I needed to and instacart is expensive and the wine aisle haunts me.

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Wow…love how you put it!