Fresh eyes

Life goes so fast i wanna be comfortable in my old age not scraping away trying to survive i need to finally wake up and relize that some things in this world can wait untill i have my life in order


I think you have already realized it. I read your post and everything in the post says you want to do better. The next step is to do it. You Got Thus

Hi and welcome Chris 🙋
Admitting you have a problem is a huge step and you just took that one, congratulations!
Now doing something about it is going to be the work :hugs:
My advice? Start today! Make this day your day one and stop using whatever you are using.
Read here al lot, there is a lot of info on all kinds of addictions.
Go get that better life, it’s on you! :facepunch:

Hi Chris and welcome! Everybody starts recovery the day they stop using. At first, I just wanted the pain of drinking and failure and consequences to stop. And that pain did stop pretty quickly. Soon after, some small positives of sobriety began to appear.

Today I work a program of recovery not to avoid drinking, but because I have such profound gratitude and deep happiness and inner peace. I feel out of balance when those positives start slipping even a little bit.

If you want to give up your addiction and surrender to sobriety, here’s a thread full of resources that have helped others.

Resources for our recovery

I used counseling, AA, Antabuse and getting arrested to get sober.

Blessings on your house :pray: as you begin your journey.