Friday night - what's up


Day 21. Friday night. After work I went to therapy, then came home and talked on the phone with a friend.

Now cozy on my couch with Netflix and mac and cheese.

Happy sober Friday! What are you up to?

Feeling so down
Nervous about the weekend

Saturday morning here in Australia.
Got up and cleaned and waxed my car… She so deserved it. Then mowed the lawn and did the edging. Just about to head off to lunch, then back to do a shop, then head off for an afternoon round of disc golf. Then cook a pork roast and flop in front of the TV and stuff my face.



Step work, meeting later, then looking at some Netflix time. Livin’ large. :sunglasses:


It’s 5:30 PM here on the West Coast. I am finishing the prep for dinner. I got a slow cooker full of chili and cornbread in the oven. Wife and kids are playing Mario Party so the sound of laughter fills the air. After dinner, gonna watch Haunting of Hill House on Netflix.


Hanging with the kids and the asshole cat in my lap. Will probably ride my bike on the trainer after the little ones go to bed.


8:44 here. Little ones are asleep, and I’m about to take an Epsom salt bath. Reading…something? later. Maybe Grisham?


Got done work around 6:30…made myself some dinner (sausage w sautéed cabbage and onions) cleaned the house some, just made “nature’s truffles” (unsweetened cocoa, almonds, shredded coconut and medjool dates) in the freezer so I can have a sweet treat. Now I’m considering making a baby hat for my friend who’s due in a few weeks. Going to bed reading my refuge recovery book after an Epsom salt bath…wild night!!! :joy:

I work… a lot…and FINALLY my nights/weekends ACTUALLY restore me☺️


Love hearing what everyone is up to, including the different time zones. I’m currently in EST but previously lived in GMT.
I’m so happy to be at home taking care of myself, rather than lurking around bars. :sunglasses::two_hearts:🤸:hedgehog:


Please tell me more about how you make these truffles - they sound amazing!!


90 mins military yoga (Bikram), supper (coleslaw, ceasar salad, wings, ribs, mashed potatoes, bread, chocolate moose, iced tea & coffee and mint with chocolate inside), dance party to Friday night radio on drive back home with kiddo who always talks through every song she likes, which is every song that comes on…

Cosy up with my SO with undone pants buttons to better breathe & movie. Suggestions?


Hmmm…I’m terrible at measuring anything so I’m just gonna guess… it’s like a half cup almonds and a bunch of dates (like 7) pulsed in a food processor. Once it’s fairly chopped, add unsweetened shredded coconut…maybe a half cup, a splash of hot water and liiiiiike maybe 1-2Tbsp. Unsweetened cocoa powder and some cinnamon (sometimes I add a little almond extract for flavor.) roll them up into balls (very messy) and put in the freezer for a little bit…it’s even better with cashews, but the whole reason I made them was bc the almonds were going to expire!


Thanks! I will try that. I love that combo of things.


Long stressful work week. Feels good coping with stress without masking it with opiates though. Decompressing, then watch a movie with my son with some dinner then ice cream!


Fantastic night! What ice cream?


Hi Ely83. It’s called Nada Moo flavor birthday cake lol


If you haven’t tried nadamoo! Give it a shot… it’s yummy lol


Oooo coconut milk dairy free…very cool! When I drank…I had ZERO sweet tooth. Well actually…since I was a kid I didn’t have one. I get sober??? I’ve had more freakin ice cream in the last ten months than in the previous ten years…actually, no joke…probably twenty years😂


Right there with you on the newly developed sweet tooth and ice cream train!


Caught a rare Friday Krav class, because they were closed on Halloween.

Now I’m eating, will catch some tube, and then maybe cuddle some with the Mrs.


Lol, I’m sort of opposite. When I was loaded on opiates I loved sweets. Now I’m sort of a gym rat, and don’t care all that much for sugar. Usually a Friday or Saturday night treat, it’s healthy stuff though, and good. Try it!