Friday night - what's up


It’s only lunch time for me, but I might do a meeting tonight, if not I’ve still got to do my tax return by the 31st, so perhaps get on with that😕


Quiet weekend, planning a few hours out on my bike tomorrow and a long walk with my dogs. That’s as rock and roll as it gets here. There’s no snow so I can’t go skiing like I was planning :frowning:.

Really looking forward to the weekend as work is busy.


I WISH I could do my taxes! I’m a sicko and I like to get them done as soon as I get them. Don’t have the papers yet, though. The whole process is slowed at the moment due to our fun little "national emergency’’ here in the US…so even if I was able to complete them, who knows when they would be processed.


Sounds great!

Too cold here today to get my dogs outside for a jaunt…even they have their limits


I’d forgotten about your little gov’t problem.
Thing is I was just not bothering to sort out all my paperwork when I was drinking, now I have a lot to do and it’s so overwhelming. I know the sooner I start the sooner I finish but… Meh!!


AA meeting tonight then curry and get together afterwards with my favourites. Daughter back tomorrow and with me through till Wednesday. Sister in New York so we have her French Bulldog here till next weekend to keep us busy. Lots of walks and bike rides out over the hills and moss


Tonight i will be having a relaxing bath, watch some shows, and cut off from the world apart from here as reading on here helps me alot :slight_smile:
Cannot wait to get into bed!


Same here, sounds great!


Worked out then watching the Orville now. Love this show. Any orville fans here?


AA meeting at 12, then sober CrossFit at 5:30 pm CST with @Quitter02… nothing much planned in between or after.


Don’t forget to take the time to just look around and enjoy moments.


Will do :wink: TGIF!


Just got back from walking the dog, I’m going to go and buy myself a scented candle and do some yoga :person_in_lotus_position::pray:

Then not sure about tonight yet but probably have some dinner and watch some Netflix. Had some good news today so feel like I might try and cook something fancy as a way of celebrating.


I’ve got mountains and mountains of papers to sort. Pros: organizing feels sooooo good. Cons: hours and hours of reading stuff I’d rather pretend isn’t there :confused:

Oh wait, I have voice lessons too! That’ll be good to mix things up! Yeah!


Bubblegum or funny face challenge anyone?


Ugh, you’ve reminded me I have paperwork to sort out too :persevere:


I’m actually cheating a little. I’m not actually doing any paperwork, just sorting (in the categorization sense of the word) all the papers lying around. Whatever needs action is going to get put off again :joy:


I think I’m going to let myself cheat as well. It’s my first Friday so even though I have many productive things to get done, I think I’m going to let myself do anything but drink.


Finished work, roast lamb in the oven and I’m sitting in a launderette because my washing machine has broken. It’s really close to home, 2 min walk, so no bother.

Will chill in front of the telly soon and maybe do a face mask - it’s been a while!


Nice. I just finished doing the shopping, now have the dinner on and starting to watch Altered Carbon.

Now for a fine big Cuppa Cha (Tea)