Friday Thread #2

It’s just federal employees here too but I run my own business so it’s up to me whether we have a day off :grin: :innocent:


Happy Friday! Got kiddo to bed. I’m hiding under a blanket already and it’s just after 7pm :laughing: it’s freezing in the house as it’s been really chilly out past couple days and the heat isn’t on in the house yet, plus my kidney boulder is acting up, so I’m under the covers in bed being sooky. Hubby away doing his side job stuff. I’m munching on a few Simply Cheetos Puffs and debating between 8 Mile or Father Stu. Likely the former as it’s shorter and I’m tired! Who wants to come walk my dog? :joy:


Father Stu was great. Saw it Wednesday night


I want to come over and walk your dog! Prolly too late, though, and I’m already in bed too (it’s 8:30 here). Curled up with a light read left over from my Mom’s book collection. Wish I could give books away without reading them first, but I just can’t. So I’ma be stuck in this house a while… Happy Friday Ev’rybody


I noticed Morbius was on Netflix. After hearing how bad it was, I used it as a punishment threat to my son, I’d make him watch it if he was bad.

So this is my Friday night


My First Friday night off in almost 2 years, I went to my sons game met the girl he was dating and her friend we all went for a quick bite before they had to head home and I got asked all the girly teen questions,

Your in a band that’s so cool, do girls throw themselves at you?

You live in Virginia and all about how cool it is that I live in a major metropolitan hub,

You really don’t look that old, and then asking about wild partying like rockstars do is it true.

No, it sucks cause what should be a 10 minute drive I can walk faster to cause Of traffic, and yeah some people party too much and get carried away. Then the well you don’t drink? Why not?

And I was honest, I said I’m an alcoholic in recovery. Drinking for me isn’t have a beer with friends, it becomes a necessity of life, All those beer commercials that say drink responsibly. Doesn’t just mean don’t get wasted and try to drive yourself to the gas station for 3AM nachos, it also means take inventory of your consumption, if you can’t Than you shouldn’t drink,

I also made it very clear that if you decide to go and become sexually active, the roll of the dice pull out game doesn’t work, that’s how I ended up with 2 kids I wasn’t ready for.

And thanks for coming to my TedTalk.


Day off over here all. Lunch plans, dinner plans, blood donation and book shopping. This Friday is looking pretty good. :blush:


Celebrating my year milestone with a BBQ: small ribeyes, onions and bell peppers, potatoes and a mushroom gravy tonight. The weather is gorgeous and it’s almost noon and I’m still in my PJs out on the deck soaking up some sun. Good day indeed. Some prep later for tent camping tomorrow! Just overnight, but we haven’t been since last October so I’m looking forward to a trip out in nature. It’s looking to be a beautiful weekend.


Happy one year @RosaCanDo :orange_heart:
I had a nice, slightly boring friday: chores, cats, lunch, therapy, dinner.
The evening program is: book in bed. Wish you all a sober friday :pray:


Congrats on one year!


Trying to decide if I want to go to my Mom’s place to help her with tv/cable connection. She’s 91 and cancelled her streaming service and now she wants it back. I’ve spent over 7 hours working on this over the last couple of days. It’s very trying. I really need to bite my tongue and be patient with her and cable company.
Also, nieces live in hurricane zone in USA. So there’s that, but they’re not right on the coast and say they’re fine.
Definitely getting take-out for dinner later. Pizza is on the menu, for sure.


Happy one year Rosa! Enjoy your day, your weekend and your sunny sober days. Way to go!


Happy soberversary, Rosa!

As for myself, thank hecking Lue it’s Friday.


Its been 11 days since I tested positive with Covid, still feeling cruddy, tho today is the best I’ve felt. Hopefully this trend continues.

I’m taking it easy tonight, probably will watch the Mariners make it in the playoffs for the first time in 21 years. :baseball:

Right now, I am watching Disneyland videos with Penny Layne. :grin:

Congrats on 1 yr @RosaCanDo


Hopefully they make it. I’m gonna watch my Phillies try and get in for the first time since 2011. We’re known for September/October collapses as of late. Our magic number is 5 games.:crossed_fingers:


How about a Seattle/Philly world series!?!? That would be pretty awesome! :smile:

I’ve been waiting my whole life to go to the big dance, hopefully it happens before I peace out!


Happy sober friday funday all! I had a busy day at work. Left 30min early and feel like a rebel lol next two weeks are going to be very very busy. Im gonna catch up on some tv and maybe start bingeing Dahmer. Hubby made a crockpot dinner so im excited for downtime tonight


That’d be awesome. I was lucky enough to see one in 2008. :wink:


Congrats on your Year :tada::tada::tada:! Sounds like a great plan for your celebration!
Me, just plain tired. Was supposed to go to a thing tomorrow, but now I think I’ll just stay home


Playoffs clinched: Walkoff homerun in the bottom of the 9th, on a full count pitch with 2 outs! Talk about going to the wire!!