Fun new game


You tell me a reason why you think it’s a good idea topick up a drink or a drug and I will try to tell you a reason you are wrong.

Coping with stress/triggers

Cause it makes me like you more?


Instant anxiety fixer.


Because I’m better looking when I’m drunk.


It takes the EDGE off


Because I have nothing to do in the evenings when the kids arent there and in the past, hate the empty house, (or myself)… And if I am not working I have no plans so drink during the day. (past tense)…


@SmokeyMirror I’m unlikeable even if you are wasted.

@JeffreyDale hangover anxiety is worse. Just bc you are numb to feelings doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

@Yoda-Stevie naw man, the mirror is just blurry when you’re drunk.

@liv_m it actually just pushes you off the edge. See above regarding feelings.

@Hazy drinking isn’t something to do. It doesn’t make life more interesting, it just makes you less interested in life.


I decided I will only pick up a drink when death is imminent during a zombie apocalypse.

Edited to spell words correctly cuz I’m not smart


Allowable. As long as you aren’t concerned with protecting your family.


Bc I’m bored and can’t think of nondrinking things to do! Me-me-me-me.


Pretty much stole my answer so I’ll go with my back up. If drinking solves boredom then you are boring. Booze won’t change that.


Ouch. Right on.


When I was drinking or using I could literally only talk about drinking or using. I’m a fairly smart person sometimes and yet I couldn’t carry a conversation with anyone. No wonder my friends stopped calling me. I was a one trick pony. All I did was get messed up.


I guess it’s for the same reason I am/was avoiding my friends: I knew I didn’t want to do anything else than using, and they might slow that process.

Now a reason to drink: I’m single and therefore nobody care if I get shitfaced some days. I’m the only one affected by it and I don’t care if I drink couples of days a week. Even if I’m hangover 3-4 days a week, it’ll affect no one else but me. (But it’s not true because my mother and brother and friends care about me)


I’m gonna steal this one from @Englishd. When did “I’m only hurting myself” become Okay??


This WAS my go to…

I like drinking and using drugs. It’s my choice not yours.


Because my dog did potty in the middle of the living room and I need a good excuse to leave till tomoz.

(That’s a joke, dog is housetrained and even when he wasn’t I’d clean up regardless of state :smile:)


Yoooo, that was my go to as well. I always told myself that I wanted to live in complete dispare.

So you know it’s fucked up and wrong if I used to say it in active addiction.


ODing on imodium ad to get high: I’ll never have to poop in a public bathroom!


Oh my god… we’re practically sisters.