Fun new game


Cause at times its easier than faving reality


I’m not even sure where to go with this one. But I’d rather poop in a public bathroom thsn go to the hospital bc I’m impacted.


The hustle and grind is hard. And you can’t stay high forever (though I did give it an honest attempt) and life will be even shittier when you come back down.


I gave a pretty good atempt myself. And your right all that crap we try to avoid by using is still there when we sober up


I have never had a problem that drugs and alcohol couldn’t make worse.


Wow man so profound


drinking isn’t something to do. It doesn’t make life more interesting, it just makes you less interested in life. @Englishd realest words I ever heard


I don’t take criticism as hard.


You’ll get criticized less if you are sober so you won’t even have to worry about this.


Because I"m funny and make good jokes when I drink beers!


@Englishd dropping golden nuggets here. Should just write a book of all your quotes.


People are laughing at you when you drink. Not with you.


This one I borrowed from a friend: Because I have always seen world as black and white. I had really narrow look on life and using psychedelics have broadened my view on world and life. They help me to appreciate small things in life. I have been in therapy for years and that didn’t do shit to me. Psychedelics have done wonders to my cognition.


Cuz im so much more funnieer and everybodys so pretty…


I’ve done plenty of of shrooms and acid so I can relate. What I found out is just that LSD didn’t expand my universe. I just sat in the yard talking to a tree and said it was God. Hallucinagens don’t do anything for your mental health that you can’t do your self.


I’m always pretty. Next.


Food tastes so much better and making love is far more intense and great when smoking weed…


Actually the opposite it is true. Weed dulls your senses and makes pleasurable things less enjoyable. You just don’t notice bc you are stoned.


I find Derek sexy…is that a reason to get wasted?


Yes. You are beyond hope.