Fun new game


The titanic is sinking. Drinking whiskey will increade my blood alcohol level and decrease my bloods freezing point in the frigid Atlantic waters. It may be my only chance at survival


You’re a doctor. Only poor people died on the Titanic. You will be fine and in a life boat.


I can dance better while drunk :joy:


Well in reality i can ONLY dance while drunk because my body doesn’t move when I’m sober. haha
but that’s ok. i would gladly give up dancing for my sobriety


Better than terrible is still bad :rofl: You still a white girl. But I’m sure you have an important first dance coming up soon that would be much better without alcohol.:star_struck:


it will be amazing to do sober :heart_eyes:
and we are having a 100% dry reception which people arent all happy about but with us both being sober I’m not supporting someone else’s addiction. sorry.
you are right I am still a white girl who can’t dance even drunk. haha :joy:


Some of the ‘reasons’ to drink I’ve seen today would fit right in on this list.


Because I’m angry and resentful.


Because I’m letting a temporary feeling of disappointment become an excuse.


Because now time has passed I sometimes tell myself the blackouts weren’t really that bad, waking up in those fucked up states and places really wasn’t that fucked up, the cuts and bruises didn’t kill me and I didn’t kill or hurt anyone physically and will be able to control it this time and not turn in to a complete asshole again.


Drinking because of a resentment is like drinking poison and hoping the other person dies.


Drinking will extend the disappointment indefinitely.


Tell me how that works out. A guy went out who had 25+ years. He didn’t turn into an asshole. He was put in a hole in the ground.


Derek with the swish!!!


It’s an observation of mine that long time sober people who go back out often end in tragedy very quickly.

Thankfully I don’t really get those silly thoughts and pray it stays that way as I know the scale of the potential disaster that would await me.


I’m watching a guy with almost 2 years who is running towards a relapse. He’s my friend, but there’s nothing I can do. He’s complacent. He stopped going to meetings. Doesn’t call his network. Treats his GF like shit. I will pray for him.


Have you invited him to a meeting?

Our group runs a WhatsApp group which keeps us all connected and if I’m being honest, when I’m feeling like I can’t be bothered going to the group, it forces me to get myself there and I’m always glad I’ve gone.

Is there anything like that at your end to keep people connected within their group?


I hopenyour group hasnt had any run ins with Momo! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I’m going to at noon. But he hasn’t answered my texts in a couple weeks. I didn’t know he was struggling though. I was just talking with him


In advance of some likely posts today:

“It’s Friday and I don’t know how to NOT drink on the weekend!”