Gardening In Recovery

About 50 cm of snow.
And there’s more to come.
April here started with a blizzard :smiling_face:


Finished shoveling rock and some dirt this last weekend! This is my first year in my new house and I am so excited to finally have my garden. I look forward to sharing progress as the season progresses. I have a bunch of plants started and will be doing 6 types of wild hot peppers.


Lovely fellow garden folks, here the season is fully on :woman_farmer:

Meet the herbs I ordered in february:

Approximately two weeks until I’ll plant them, I need them to grow a bit more before.

Today is Sunday. Cats & me are chillaxing on the sofa and on the balcony among the veggy seedlings :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::sunglasses:


What herbs have you planted?


cats have the best seats :laughing: Are they inspecting the progress?


@JazzyS They are inspecting everything, from the breadcrumbs left on the floor from yesterday’s guests to the empty pots :joy: I’m glad they leave the veggies alone.

@acromouse I have a bunch of lavender, 50 monardas, some salvia, alant, thyme, comfrey, gentian, milfoil. Sure I forgot two or three herbs. They go either into the dry stone wall my ex still fumbles around to create a green gratitude wall (have to look up who had this marvellous idea here on TS!) or on a hill under my balcony. I will post pictures galore about how these projects will be going :blush::blush::blush::blush:


I’m very much looking forward to seeing the progress on your projects. What is a gratitude wall?


A bit to early, but I’m optimistic and hope there’ll be no more frozen grounds and snow.

Re-planted our strawberry plants from the garden bed to garden pots today. The weather before lunch was amazing. And then it started to rain :smiling_face:

I also cleared the garden bed from weeds, and poured in extra soil which was needed. Then I decided that I’m not going to keep the garden bed where it is, but move it and make a gravel pat where it currently is instead :laughing:


Not sure if this goes in the gardening thread, it is for the garden so il stick it here :wink:

Panel 1 for the catio, ready to be painted on a day when there is no rain. ( Built indoors so the wood stays dry ready to paint ) And add mesh.

Debating wether to start panel 2 yet… or wait until tomorrow as it will be easier now iv made one.

So yes this is for the cats it’s going to be so big and I’m excited.

@Dazercat thought I’d tag you :sunflower::sunflower:


Did you buy the frame and stuff from a company? We are doing our balcony ourselves, but just with some wood and Trixie cat nets. Looking good :+1:t3:


I brought the wood and mesh.
I couldn’t bring myself to pay the amount they charge.
I have to say I built this all from scratch and surprisingly it seems to turn out okay :star:

Yes I have seen alot of balcony ones too, it’s nice that you are making it a space for the cats too :slightly_smiling_face:


Wow :star_struck:
You’re very handy.
When you see my catio it’s nothing like that. The new house just has a :100: enclosed courtyard with plants and we’ll get furniture and it has a fireplace. Kind of what I got here but bigger and a fireplace.

I can’t wait to see the finished product.


I looked into having those fences where they can’t get over, but my garden has steps up to a top part and they would just get over it and building any higher would invade the neighbours above. Or she would wake up with all the cats in her house :joy:
Couldnt bring myself to pay the high prices of ready built catio! They are around £1,000 so far I have spent £187.
I’m surprised how well panel 1 turnt out - 3 more to go and then the roof.
It’s 3:30pm here so I decided il stop for today or I’m setting myself up for a melt down at some point :joy:
I started at 11:30am and finished it around 2:30pm which isn’t bad I wasnt rushing.
So yh I will end up all moany if I push myself more.
Can’t wait to see your set up. I did see a pic of your cats outside the other day ? All in one pic together :slightly_smiling_face:

Yours sounds really nice, I’m not caught up with your moving home. It’s sounds really nice :+1:


Now I have to ask: What is a catio?


Thank you. I thought maybe it was a typo? :smile: :see_no_evil:


I think it’s like an outdoor cat house.


So the cat does not run away?
I only know farm animals. I have no idea about pets.

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Ah, like patio only catio - got it! cute.

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Kind off,but for what I know it’s more for windows or balcony.

On the countryside you can most often let your cat roam around outside. In the city that’s more difficult. Not sure how it works or if it’s for indoor cats too.

I’ve never had one. And I’m not 100% that I’m right. Something can be lost in translation here as well.


Catio :slightly_smiling_face:

This one is on Amazon. Too expensive so I am attempting to build one :slightly_smiling_face::cat2::slightly_smiling_face::cat2:

Where I live many cats are going missing and people are taking them thinking they are strays. Also they are being hurt by some people. So I am hoping they will be happy to still get outside safely.