Getting through the night

Day 2 seems to be harder then day 1. How to stop the racing thoughts and urges and relax


Day 96 is hard for me too. You ok?

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Are you doing ok?

Yeah, I’m starting over with this being my day 5 after relapse. Nights kinda suck right now. I’ve just been getting up and doing stuff. Then napping during the day if I can. I feel your pain :people_hugging:


Keeping busy helps. I have family in town rn and they are drinking and having a good time.

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Congrats on day 2 Jen.
I did two angry power walks a day with some Eminem and some other angry Gangsta type music. I walk my ass off. I was so mad. 2 hot showers a day. I’d take a scalding long hot shower at 5 pm instead of drinking and sit in it and cry for about 20 minutes. I was always so angry I couldn’t drink like a normie. After crying it out cook a nice meal and plenty of sparkling water in my favorite wine glass. And then clean house. I was a mess.
This sobering up is hard work. But so worth it. And I didn’t believe it but it does get easier.
Meetings and guided meditations work well too. And actively working a gratitude list every day.
Keep checking back in. We’re here for ya.


Congrats on 2 days! Have you tried meditation? It’s my go to when I can’t sleep. I wish I would have put more effort into it in my early days, it sure would have saved me from a lot of sleepless nights. Insight timer is a great app. Here’s a link to a thread with tons of meditation suggestions.

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