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I try to continue with a little bit of gratitude with every post. Sometimes I forget and I need to make it a point to remember.

Today I’m grateful that my sobriety allows me to be available to those who work for me. To give them my clear minded and undivided attention while they learn.

And a silly gratitude thing. I finally broke down and got us VoIP phones so I can record calls for training purposes. I’m really excited about that. Man, technology is nuts.

I love you all, and always remember that each sober day is a beautiful gift. It’s yours if you want it. Go out there and take it :muscle:

Some things that I really love about sobriety are:

:star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

  • Morning coffee (4/11/23: is it possible to love my
    morning covfefe even more with every single day? I
    still think of how lucky and grateful I am to be sober
    as I cherish that hot morning cup(s) of Joe!!)
  • Waking up clear headed
  • Remembering the day before
  • Healthier relationships with friends and family
  • Better job performance
  • Enjoying the beauty of nature

:star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

Just a start and I want to add to this frequently. I need to remember why I’m sober. The good parts of it.

9/30/2021: This post has gone through many twists and turns since starting it in June 2020. Originally, this post was a gratitude post. All the things I love and am grateful for in my sobriety. My love, appreciation, and gratitude for sobriety gets stronger every single day. My life has changed in unbelievable ways, and 5/27/2020 Beth, in the hospital, would never believe that future Beth could possibly be the person she is now. I’m happy, I’m confident, I’m chasing dreams, I fill every second of every day doing things that I enjoy. My social life is a million times better. I actually enjoy going to cocktail hours, networking events, “drinks”, what have you. I no longer notice if anyone is drinking or not. I no longer think about the fact that I’m not drinking. Don’t care, doesn’t bother me, don’t want to, it’s just who I am now.

Being sober, I can remember the night before, I maintain my professionalism, make great connections, and represent my company well. Plus, I’m a cheap date :joy:

I never thought I could be happy single. I thought I needed someone in my life. Because of that, I made some very bad decisions with partners and husbands. I used to feel sorry for single people, I used to think that when they said they were happy single, that it was a lie they told themselves so they didn’t feel like a lonely ass spinster. We’ll color me a lonely ass spinster, but through sobriety, I have learned to love myself. I’m ridiculously happy single. Not afraid to die alone. I don’t even feel alone when I am alone.


These are definitely things to keep in the forefront!!:partying_face:


Yes!! Having a list helped me so much. A reminder of all the positives of sobriety. No hangovers was a big one for me. As was no longer having to do all the mental gymastics about drinking or quitting or anxiety…so much relief in my brain.

Thanks for posting! :heart:


Exactly! I can’t drink coffee with a hangover :face_vomiting:
So for me, it’s a huge symbol of sobriety. My husband would always know if I relapsed if I turned down coffee :flushed::joy:


Very good and valid and beautiful reasons to remember why we stay sober :heart_eyes:

  • Being able to be there for my brokers without making excuses
  • Being able to run out on a whim to meet a client

Waking up hangover headache free :smiley:
And a clear head throughout the day.
Being more flexible. Being able to control my tongue and getting in less fights with wifey.
There’s so many great things I love about being sober.

Here’s a ridiculous one. When I’m in a restaurant wondering where the hell is my drink? That table got their drinks!! and we sat down before them!! Why is it taking so long to get my drink???

And I DO NOT miss the long bathroom lines and drink lines at sporting events and concerts. I didn’t know we could just sit there and enjoy the show.


I hear that! I used to order two at a time and then put my next order in before starting the second. Effers would take so long haha. Now it’s moot. Love it! So many things to be grateful for in sobriety!


Thanks for starting the thread. Love it.

Not counting up your drinks and wondering if you should be driving home from the restaurant.


No crazy large uber charges!


Alcohol makes me sad, my thoughts are darker, my life seems to be difficult and lonely. Sober I feel joy again, confidence, I am much more positive and relaxed.
My sleep is so much better!

  • waking up feeling confident and proud
  • no hangover days filled with absolute anxiety, depression and despair
  • courage to do what is best for me
  • sleeping better
  • not smoking! when I drink, I smoke :nauseated_face:
  • driving home when I want to
  • making healthy decisions
  • get sick less often
  • no regrets the next day
  • save so much more money
  • not having to wait in long lines at the bar
  • authentic relationships filled with genuine love, care and kindness
  • going to work rather than calling in sick all the time and feeling guilty for it

Sober life = my best life :raised_hands::blush::muscle: for sure!!


That last one hits me hard. I come up with all these crazy reasons why I can’t come in, and feel so guilty about it. Like who is really buying into my garbage? Never have to do that ever again. Being sober makes me feel proud.


Just having more time in the day. Sitting down to enjoy a movie and actually remember the movie lol, sad but true. Able to have a good conversation with someone instead of the beer talking for you. Overall feeling of wanting to do more in the day. ect…


Improved confidence!
Who would have thought it because as a shy teenager, that was the reason I started, No confidence.
Oh, and less bloated.


called in this morning cuz I felt like garbage. Not even really hungover. But I was more afraid of the violation trying to start my truck. Took till midday to start to feel normal. Then what my stupid ass do? No more. Honestly cant wait for the mor ing so I can wake up and go with confidence…and honestly look forward to counseling tomorrow night


Yesterday I had to meet a client and broker last minute. I didn’t have to make excuses why I could not and ask them to do it next week. Like on the spot, I’ll be there in 20. AND I was the first one on site! It feels weird to be proud of something that should be so normal. But…

  • Answering emails on time
  • Being able to pick up the phone when clients call
  • Being able to pick up the phone when my brokers call
  • Being a responsible business owner that people can count on
  • Getting my numbers to my accountant on time
  • Being able to answer their questions about my crazy books
  • My kids slowly starting to talk to me again
  • This one is huge: making my mom proud

@livep9 and @Becsta yes! I’ve missed entire series! So nice to watch and remember :smiley:


Love this! For me the biggest thing is being fully aware and in control of my actions…all the time. No more blackouts, questioning what happened, or doing things I would regret later. I’m only 18 days in and it feels amazing.


I’ve realised that as well as the relationships I want in my life being better, I’ve also moved away from friendships which were toxic and making me unhappy. I finally feel the courage to do that since giving up drinking! I guess not drinking makes me realise some ‘friends’ were drinking friends and now I’m sober we have little in common anymore. But I’m fine with that, I feel like my other relationships are way better as a result!

Also as a side note… my skin has never been better, a great benefit of not drinking! :smiley: