Go Steelers!


Start of the steelers thread. Tag a steelers fan :grinning:



Nice of you to make a support thread, Jen. :rofl: :v:


Im a bengals fan


@Sober_gabby12 and I are both Steelers fans


Just when i was playing soccer over in the states i lived with my late brother in cincinnati so he was reds fan and bengals went to a few games


Go Broncos!

:joy: my two best friends from 3rd grade and their husbands are all Steelers fans so we are only truly enemies when we play each other :joy:


Riverfront will always hold a special place in my mind.


Kc Chiefs baby!


great memories for me going with my late brother ,was amazed you could order a beer and they passed it along to your seat if that was in Glasgow by the time it reached you it would have been empty lol


My new favorite thread!




Now if Ben would stop completing passes to the Brown’s life would be better.

I understand Bell wanting to get paid but I don’t have to like it. At this point, trade him. Let him go to a team that will pay him and cut him in 2 years when he doesn’t produce.


Conner is doing well. I’m not missing Bell.



Fuck bell. No play no pay


Love love love it :smiley::smiley:


WtF is up with Conners hair though?



I see Broncos fans and Chiefs fans here (bleh! :wink: ), so I have to put in as a fellow AFC-wester…

GO RAIDERS! Just win, baby!


Lol steelers play @ raiders this year. Just a quick drive away but im kinda scared…