Goat's Magical Mystery Music Tour


Oh @LuluJo, you just made me laugh out loud. Thank you :rofl::joy::rofl:


My latest non-stop…

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Goat, never liked you untill this thread. Thank you

Tea just came out my nose!

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Oh, now I ruined it. Lol!


How long is your shift? I would like to entertain a goat!

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Headed home now…had enough. Lol

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This is a joke because it is one of my favorite bands. Saw hem twice, awesome!
Here is an undiscovered one…

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Sang it to my boys tonight as I was getting them to sleep. Gillian’s is better…lol.


At therapy today, I realized that next week is the anniversary of my Mama’s passing some 12 years ago now.

That is evidence that we can heal and we can get better. For years, the weekish leading up to that day was a rough time. I shared about it at meetings last year bc that’s what you guys told me to do. I think I went to back to back meetings that day. A guy from my HG saw me in the second meeting told me it would get better and it did. I don’t know how… It just did.

When I got the call that she had passed that morning. Put the cell phone down and went and got back into bed until it was time to get up for work to take care of the urgent matters that had to be finished that day. I had my pet rabbit, so I couldn’t fly. So I rented a Ford Edge, loaded everything up put her and her cage in the back and started that long long ride home.

That week I must have listened to the Elizabethtown soundtrack a 1000 times, even with a car full of people from the funeral to the graveyard and a pint flask in my suit jacket. Nancy Wilson’s 60b, Elton’s My Father’s Gun, Patty Griffin’s Long Ride Home, and Rachel Yamagatas version of Jesus was a Crossmaker will be inextricably linked to that time of my life.

It wasn’t until last year at about this time that I heard the Judee Sill original version of Jesus was a Cross maker. She said that when she was writing the song, the thought that “the lower down you go to gain your momentum from, the higher up it will propel ya,” was one of the things she was trying to convey with the song. The other was that even a “wretched bastard was not beyond redemption.” Maybe there is hope.


WoW. The post I needed to see tonight, after a meeting and away from home. Thank you. :pray::pray:


Perfect road music…

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Tonight’s bedtime song…


One of my favorites…i sing it a lot…

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