Going to AA as an atheist


I really like “Group of Drunks”. That’s fucking awesome. I think that’ll help me read the word god in the book a lot easier. Thank you. That is just perfect.


Prayer is going to be hard for me. I’ll have to learn how to do it. I tried at the very beginning, but I quit and haven’t done so for probably 5 days now. I guess it’s hard for me to pray when I know that no one is listening. I had an idea yesterday that maybe I’ll write my prayers down each day instead of saying them in my head. For some reason it’ll feel more personal to me.


I will definitely check it out! :slight_smile: thank you.

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I’ve strangely never listened to podcasts. Is this something I can watch on YouTube?


Thank you for this! I spoke today in a meeting about finding this forum on this app and speaking to others about my struggle with a higher power. I told them that through our conversations, I saw that I need to slow down. Wayyyyy down. It will come in time when I am ready. Just as my sobriety did. I knew for about 6 months that I had a problem, but I had to be ready to want help. One thing I must learn is patience, as I think that will help me through this the most at first.


Gosh, I am just writing down so much stuff that you guys are telling me. It’s given me a tremendous amount of relief knowing that not only are there fellow atheists amongst AA, but that I now have the tools to help me through the program without believing in god. And to top it all off, I now understand that it’s okay to take it slow. And I SHOULD take it slow. As slow as I need to. Thank you.

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Ahhhh! I love this experience. I hope to find moments like that of my own in time :two_hearts:


Yeah. Prayer is still a strange duck to me and I’m not a stranger to it. We got a lot in common though since I usually sit and try to write it out, too. :blush:

I can’t speak highly enough of meditation, though. At least for me it helps a lot.

Years ago before the drink I made a habit of it for relaxation in general. After all that time it was really hard to relax and quiet myself like that again.

There’s lot of people around the forum (both in and out of the program) that you can find meditation tips from if you’re keen.

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There is a couple meetings a week, but it doesn’t workout with my work schedule. I’ll figure out how to get to one in the near future…

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I don’t think I’ll ever read that chapter again. It made me entirely too angry. Luckily, not angry enough to wanna drink.


Butt is in seat…hopefully my head will follow soon. And no more barstools for me!!

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I probably am overthinking it way too much. I tend to do that with most things in life…


Yoga/meditation is something I’d really like to add to my routine. But I’m trying to take things slow and not put too much on myself at once. The program, work, and husband takes up most of my day. I feel like I’m always out of time. Very soon I’m going to plan my days out from hour to hour to get myself into a hopefully sustainable routine.


There are some on YouTube, search for Annie Grace. She is the author of “This Naked Mind” which is a book about quitting alcohol (also recommended). She also does a vlog on youtube of the same title.

For pod casts, you can download a pod cast player from the app store. The one I use is called “pod cast player”. I listen to “High Sobriety” (avg. 40 min), “Recovery Elevator” (avg. 60 min), and “Real Sobriety” (avg. 5 min). These pod casts have lots of stories that provide insights and inspiration. I listen when I’m commuting to/from work.


Prayer has been a developing thing for me. Below is a link to a thread I started about my process with prayer. I have come to learn, as Kierikegaard says, prayer is not about influencing “God”, but about changing the person who prays. Now I do it because it makes me feel better and more calm and accepting of situations that are not within my control.

Also, I started by writing my prayers down in my journal. And I don’t pray for material things for myself or specific events for myself or others. I usually pray for wisdom, strength, courage, peace, serenity, love, etc for myself or others. My approach to it has developed over time. I do what I am comfortable with and feels true to myself and that is always shifting. Well done for being open and willing :slight_smile:

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I’m writing all this down into a note on my phone. Thank you so much!


You have a great attitude towards revovery. Keep that and all shall Be swell :sunglasses:


But it is only 1 chapter…and it isn’t the important chapter. Read How it Works over and over. THAT is the program. I didn’t like To the Agnostics but I got over it. The program is still an excellent program.

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This is exactly what I’m doing. I’m coming up on 6 months and I still have no sponsor. I’m just taking things slow. I don’t think working the steps should be a sprint. But that is for ME. Another girl in my meeting had finished all her steps in 4 months. That is what works for her. The important thing is to work everyday. Taking it slow doesn’t mean taking days off. :slight_smile:


I just wanted to say, there are many other programs that work for people other than AA. Though AA may be the most proven to work its slowly losing to the changing times in my opinion. I hope you find peice. I do believe a 12 step is the way to that peice, working on yourself and your past guilts and habits is key!!! Recover is learning to be ok with who you are and making the next right choice!!!

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