Going to AA as an atheist


Another thing we have in common. Honestly, I am taking a “fake it until you make” attitude. I just say the prayers, even the ones that say “dear God”. It isn’t about God, it’s about reminding me what I need to do and think about each day. Some of my prayers are more like motivational phrases but some are proper formal prayers. I have mostly looked for prayers that apply to the steps. The 3rd step prayer is VERY God oriented but I just say it everyday because it is still about what I need to do each day to get through. I figure if there is a God (I am closer to agnostic) he doesn’t give a crap if I have 100% believe and live with faith. He would only care that I live my life good and kind. So I pray.


Do you like the outdoors? There’s nothing more spiritual than being in your favorite quiet spot and just reflecting. I like mountains or lakes the best. But any park will do. That can be your version of “prayer”. Prayer doesn’t have to be about God. It can be reflecting on your day and clearing your mind.



I know for me I like to have a set script that I repeat to myself everyday, so for me it is a formal prayer. Some are about God, some are not. But absolutely, you can just sit there and talk to the wind and it will have the same effect!!

Great suggestion @Englishd


I agree that the chapter to the agnostic is an attempt to convince people that they will have a spiritual experience if they work the program the right way. Yes, the book One Tent is a good resource. The universe as your higher power makes a lot of sense to me.:unicorn:

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You know what? If writing your thoughts (prayers) is working for you keep doing it. It’s working.

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Oh, no. I meant that I’ll never read that particular chapter again. I’ll still continue reading the Big Book.


What helps me is that when I read the big book, I underline/highlight the things that I connect with and that resonate with me, and just leave the stuff that I don’t relate to off to one side. I don’t get annoyed or frustrated with parts that I don’t relate to, I just let them go and focus on the things I do relate to. Interestingly, as time passes, I can find space for the things the weren’t so much for me. So I just keep an open mind and stay focused on the similarities, rather than the differences. It sounds like you are doing great - well done!


I love the outdoors. I moved to a city just north of where I grew up. This place is literally the largest city by land mass in the US aside from Alaska. I haven’t quite found my perfect beautiful place to meditate here yet. I had one in my hometown, but that is over an hour and a half away. I have a lot of things I need to do. Finding a peaceful place is one of them. Hopefully, I won’t have to search and I’ll just find myself there one day.


I highlight things as well. So far I’ve only gotten to page 67 (as my sponsor asked me to do), and I’ve highlighted things about what happens when an addict thinks they can drink again. Logically, I KNOW that I can’t do that. But my alcoholic brain says, “hey…just give it some time and you can try it again.” Fortunately, as of the past couple days, I haven’t even remotely felt the desire to drink. In fact, im happy that I don’t drink at all. My heart and life has already changed in such a positive way- I don’t want to lose it. There’s always that chance though… so continuing with the program is paramount to my continuous sobriety.

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Honestly, I’ve never even heard of any other program other than AA. Regardless, I’m going to do what most of you have said and my husband has as well, “take the good and leave the bad.” I just need to get over my hatred for religion.

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There is refuge recovery its meditation and Budda type stuff I think, there is Smart recovery its healthy problem solving , I think you should look them up might be something to check out.

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I go to AA,smart,CR, and I am Second. I figure more tools in my tool box the better my chances. Heck why not.

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You know i would also check out Cognative Behavior Therapy online, and Self Actualization its awsome stuff, learning a new way to think it key for me!!!

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Honestly, at this point in time, I don’t think I can handle any more than just one tool. Finding this forum just a couple days ago has already helped tremendously. And AA is quite time consuming with all the reading and what not. I’ve been doing everything my sponsor says. Between that, work, my husband, and a kid, I’m drained!! Lol


Awsome well keep just putting one foot in front of the other, with a good sponsor and hard work you are on the right track. Keep up the good work you will find yourself!!!


G.O.D. = Group Of Drunks


YESSS! Someone said that in this thread and I am absolutely in love with it.


I am an atheist as well and I do not follow a 12 step program. I did it 11 years ago when I had a drug addiction and I will say just being in the community of sober people helped but the last three years I became a big drinker. But I know what I need to do to stop so I’m doing it, not sure if that helps with your question but it is possible to get clean without a higher power. In my opinion anyways and experience.


If you didn’t follow a 12 step program, what did you do?


I removed myself from situations in which would encourage me to use. Surrounded myself with other people who are fighting for sobriety. I moved away and focused on working and moving on with my life. I was an addict for six years before I go clean the first time. I started a family and my kids are more important than getting high so that kept me going for a while until I went to a really rough break up and started drinking. So now after drinking a little more than a fifth a night for three years I quit cold turkey three days ago.