Gratitude All Day

No one ever acted out because they were grateful.
It works and it’s true.
Let it sink in.


Gratitude is important to my sobriety. I make a list every morning and share it with friends I met in AA and they do the same back. Without gratitude, I’d probably be back to drinking and drugging in a heartbeat.

There happens to be a group of people that share their gratitude daily here on the forum. Maybe you can jump in and share yours too. Here’s the link:


I’m not sure I get it. I think plenty of people act in gratitude and it works and it’s true. In fact, the actions I take in gratitude tend to have better effects and consequences to my well being and my beneficial dealings with others. I mean, what is the alternative? You act in ingratitude? In disappointment? In envy? I don’t think anything else but gratitude as an anchor for action will yield much positivity.

Did you mean “acted out” perhaps?

Meaning that gratitude works?

If so, I agree. :blush:

Gratitude is a big part of what made my sobriety stick this time around. Taking the time to reflect even when things are hard gives me the pause I need to not reach out to a drink mindlessly, with often damaging consequences. It shows me the silverlining in all situations, but not in a naive way. In a very powerful way. That good things should be noticed and valued, no matter how small. And some bad things have the potential to lead to growth. Some have the potential to bring something good, once the storm is over.

Feel free to browse or join the gratitude thread…it’s my favorite place to be in TS :blush:

Yes - meant acted out - updated and fixed. Thank much

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Now I get it! And yes, I take things way too literally. It’s a curse. I agree 100%, and what a poetic time of year for this revelation on the eve of the day of thanks. I do think it’s possible to act out in gratitude, but the repercussions are typically positive, so act up all you want in gratitude, unless your brain convinces you it is grateful for whatever you’re sober from, in which case, think kittens. :cat: