Gratitude List. 5 things daily

I give thanks

  1. My laptop
  2. Reading glasses
  3. A good yoga session
  4. Being able to use the school printer.
  5. Sleeping 8hrs naturally.

Today im grateful for…

  1. The trust my job has in me.
  2. My upcoming trip to see my daughter
  3. Not being miserable.
  4. New opportunity
  5. Now

…ability to learn how the brain functions.
…modern medicine to take the edge off.
…the way my mentality has changed to a positive outlook over the last 28 days.
…my precious, innocent children.
…my loving and understanding wife.


Today Im thankful for…

  1. Finally haveing a job with benefits and being able to go to the dentist.
  2. Accepting that feelings are not facts
  3. Its Friday
  4. The present moment
  5. Im so thankful Im not drunk or strung out today.

Fortunate and Grateful

  1. Camping with my friend.
  2. Discovering that the tent I got (and never unpacked) fits 8 people, so I am super comfy!
  3. Being able to bring my cat camping.
  4. Grateful that my cat has not escaped.
  5. Grateful that my friend is an expert camper, since I’m not.

I am so very grateful:

  1. For good food and a warm house.
  2. For my first positive sober visit with my Mom and siblings.
  3. For the Great British Baking Show.
  4. For a job that I love.
  5. For continued sobriety and a calm brain because of that. :heart:
  1. Family. Where would I be without them.
  2. My sponsor. Accepting me no matter what.
  3. My body. After everything I have put it through.
  4. Water. Not available in parts of the world.
  5. My dogs. Unconditional love.

I am grateful for:

  1. A great camping trip.
  2. My cat returning to the tent after he escaped.
  3. Getting over myself regarding my roommate.
  4. Having a home to come to, with a comfy bed.
  5. Tea.

Im glad your kitty returned! Whew!!

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  1. I did not wake up sick needing a drink
  2. My cat
  3. My familys health
  4. My job and the fact that I can still work after the insanity.
  5. Being able to look at my part in a things.

An attitude of gratitude

  1. The silence at 4.30am
  2. That lovely drive after the gym, roads quiet, sunrise, the moss hanging from the trees on that special side road I take.
  3. Having changed my mindset about doing “extra” work for my biz.
  4. Biscoff bisquits/cookies
  5. My cat, the “Adventurer” following me everywhere, taking a million extra cat naps to recover from camping.

Thank you! He came back after 3hrs like nothing happened… he could hear me calling him and pstpstpsting him till my lungs were empty… ingrate!
You are a cat person, so you KNOW what I’m talking about…


Theres a very good chance he was watching you the whole time.


Very grateful for:

  • cats that sleep where they want no matter what
  • great filling food
  • the opportunity tackle my love of food tomorrow night at a slimming club
  • fresh, cold water to drink
  • books! So many books, so little time!

Thankful for:

  1. A good yoga class.
  2. Massively productive work day.
  3. Lonely Planet USA guide arriving today!
  4. So grateful to have a home, a roof.
  5. Reading glasses.

Thankful for…

  1. New wiper blades.
  2. Paid storm day.
  3. A roof with a dry home attached.
  4. Positive self talk
  5. I was able to get a decent fare to see my kiddo in December.

I’m am grateful

  1. 8hr sleep
  2. School closed 2 days, no teaching. (This is a bit selfish, I do feel for FL)
  3. The opportunity to work extra 2 days in my biz.
  4. Being able to skip the gym 2 days if I want to, because it is a way of life.
  5. The reprieve from the heavy, sticky, suffocating heat of SC.
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