Gratitude List. 5 things daily

I had this dream that I had starting drinking again. I had gone back into detox and everything. When I woke up I was so relieved. I started thinking of my gratitude list and thought I would share some. I try and do this in the morning when I wake up. Also when I am having trouble sleeping, it helps when I think of things I’m grateful for and just how things could be so different if I didnt put that shit down. Yall have a great Friday and be safe.

  1. I’m super grateful I dont have to wake up sick, having to drink or use to make it “normal.”
  2. I’m grateful for my family
    who helped my ass out.
  3. I’m grateful I have a roof over my head and food in the fridge.
  4. I am so grateful for my cat Inky. She really helps with her crazy antics.
  5. I’m grateful for my health. I’m not a picture perfect specimen but I’m still walking so I’m sure that can dance.
    Also I’m really thankful for this venue. I’m not a big meeting person but I do attend some stuff online. This forum really helps me along this journey.

@JackStraw I had the drinking dream last night too but I’m only on day 6. I guess it really never goes away.


I’m grateful someone else started another gratitude list. I’m grateful I do my gratitude list every day. I grateful how my gratitude list starts my day off. Grateful for this coffee. The beautiful snow cover trees and bright morning sunshine. It stopped snowing. My guy came late yesterday to shovel me out. My health. My wife and soul mate. My pets and grown up kids. And especially this app. And very grateful I’m not drinking and do not even have the desire to drink during this shit show.
Be smart stay healthy and keep your distance.


Gratitude list
I’m thankful my kids and families are well
I’m grateful for my one day clean now at 117
I’m grateful for kindness and compassion from others
I’m grateful for feeling grateful
I’m grateful for have t.s family and my n.a family to fall bk on


Grateful for

  1. My health (also not picture perfect but better than it used to be)
  2. My daughter (who’s always in a good mood)
  3. My taxes that just came thru today so I can pay off all my debts (so relieved)
  4. My fully stocked kitchen
  5. My sobriety (never made it this far before)

My comfy bed to rest in
Kindles and e books from the library
My husband


I’m grateful for…

  • My cat, Sophie, who has always been a comfort and constant
  • The random efforts of kindness I have been given
  • Hot showers, for helping me wash away the day
  • fresh air, for how it clarifies my mind
  • books, for offering me perspectives I otherwise would never had met

The upside is waking up and realizing it’s just a dream. I’m at 8 months and I have these dreams a couple times a month. Really dosent bother me…so far.


Bam !! My kid makes me smile all the time!!


I’m grateful for another sober morning.
My health.
I’m not sick.
My wife.
My lap dog.
My couch dog.
My 4 cats.
Grateful I live in an isolated place so I can get out and exercise walk in the woods without seeing people.
I’m stocked up and hunkered I’m with wife and pets.
My God giving me the strength to stay sober.
And of course y’all here at T.S.


Today i am grateful for:
My little family being in a good mood
The bacon, eggs and toast I’ll be eating soon
The little recovery that I do have
My job
Being alive


loud amps
the guy that changes my oil wo hassle
online meetings
friends in recovery
this nice lady doing my taxes right now

  1. Technology
  2. Guilt free slothing
  3. Not being sick and miserable from using
  4. Healthy family
  5. Inky the ultra cool kitty.

Yes that is one cool cat

  1. My family
  2. My girlfriend (we have been super close lately)
  3. Good health
  4. A good supporte system
  5. My frist week sober is today

OK, there’s a bug going about,
the car mot has run out,
the electric keeps going off at home,
the washing machine has broke,
All my socks are stuck in it.
I’m grateful to be sober while my world turns to shit. Day 4.


Grateful for
My kids
Another day
Sobriety before all the craziness happened.


I’m grateful for

  1. Good weather
  2. Technology ( I say that a lot.)
  3. I’m so grateful I dont wake up sick anymore.
  4. The power of a nap.
  5. New opportunities on the horizon.
  1. Snacks.
  2. My present mind set.
  3. My needs are met.
  4. My awesome son.
  5. Our collective positive energy.

Even though I got a bit of a headache I am grateful for another sober morning. Grateful for the challenge of doing a gratitude list with a headache :face_with_head_bandage:. Grateful for my years of Al-Anon experiences since my wife is still drinking. Grateful for all that I have that I do not deserve. Grateful for God. Grateful for all the experiences during my children’s addictions. Did know I’d be using those experiences now. Grateful for my mission trip experiences. My parents RIP. My older sister RIP. My wife. My children. My sister.
Grateful I don’t know anyone out here in Flagstaff yet so social distancing won’t be a problem.

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Grateful I don’t have a headache this am.
Grateful for another day sober. My coffee. The beautiful view out my window of the pine trees. Listening to my wind chime blowing in the wind. Warm dog on my lap. Quiet time with God. Learning to accept the things I cannot change. Friends and family I been reaching out to more frequently long distance with a check in text here and there. Grateful to be sober during all this serious Coronavirus horribleness.