Grief In sobriety

I’ve heard about a couple addiction related deaths in the rooms this week and it really is both eye opening and humbling. Nothing is a stronger reminder as to why sobriety is so important to me this time.
Last time I was sober I hit 6 months and made my mission to save my friend and bring him into the rooms and support him because he really had no one. He died 24 hours after that plan I made with his family member and I dealt with guilt for far too long. Logically I knew it wasn’t my fault but my mind wouldn’t allow me to accept that truth and I tortured myself down a dark spiral of partying afterwards.
The thought of inevitably dealing with death in the future during my sobriety makes me really nervous and I hope I can prepare myself as much as possible to deal with things the healthy way that go around.
How are successful ways you’ve managed to stay away from alcohol when tragedies strike?

So sorry about your loss. Sounds like you’ve put a lot of effort in your friend. Coping with tragedies is hard because you have to replace the old way (drinking or using drugs) by a new one.
For me that is talking about it. Sharing my emotions with others. It gives relief. So I talk at home and here about it. If that isn’t helpfull enough I eat chocolat and watch Netflix to set my mind on something different. That works for me. I had a hard time last week and so I was here a lot venting about it. It helps!
Take care :heart: