Gym selfies, weightlifting & fitness 🔥 (TW gym attire. Keep rules #6 and #7 in mind)

You doing great girl. I love your abs. :heart:


Can someone explain to me what that bar is/for? :nerd_face:

Looking strong @zzz!


It’s EZ Bar - reduce strain on the wrists and forearms. Also allows more comfortable grip when performing bicep curls / also can help target different parts of the muscle. I have handicaped right arm, two surgeries and damaged main Medianus nerve so I almost cant do exercices with straight bar anymore. I do a lot of alternatives.

The exercise in particular here is called French Press from Forehead. One of the best exercises for Triceps :+1:


Excellent thank you! How do you do BPs if you don’t mind me being nosey?

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Sorry I have problems with english .What BPs means? :sweat_smile:


Haha just Bench Press. I just love abbreviations. :laughing:


If You asking how I do the bench press because of my wrist problems then the answer is - I was in need to adapt and change my training program.

Chest muscles was always my strong point so I don’t need to bother much on that part. It’s one of the hardest exercise on my wrist nowadays so I do it with very little weight and a lot of repetition or I do it with fixed barbell machine as it also takes away a lot of pressure from the wrist.

I always try to mix heavy sets as possible following with lighter weight sets but a increased repetition. For me this technique gives the best pump and also allows to use maximum advantage on lighter weights / more reps sets as the muscle is still on fire from heavy set.

I also prioritize base exercises over machines and so on as for buidling muscles the biggest factor is stimulation of growth hormone. So as from perspective of Push / Pull training scheme - I have problems with Pushing exercises but are very capable with Pulling ones. So Instead of splitting Push / Pull into two separate days I combine them together gaining maximum benefits from growth hormone.

Same I do with leg day. I combine Leg day with Biceps and Triceps.

So this is a little of my strategies in gym.


awesome, thanks for the input. I only do heavy sets. you make me think tho. :slight_smile: ty (thank you)!


For everyone its different. Different body types, genetics, goals. For me increased repetition never worked, but its good to try, experiment and see what works for you. So for me sort of backwards piramide is the best, when you reach the peak and then drop weight every further set and increase repetition. Tho studies show that both methods (heavy weight less reps / or lighter weights more reps) gives similar results, I think there is also a lot to do with different genetics, muscle tissues and so on. NP (no problem) :hugs: :wink:


It’s cold in the dungeon tonight :grin:



So yes. I relapsed after yesterdays gym. Still I feel gym gived me that diferent mentality. I drinked but I denied the drink all the time. I think I not even got high.


Looking great Joe. Keep it up :raised_hands:t5:

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sorry to hear about the relapse. you know what happens now: you aks yourself what led you to it. you ask yourself what it is you need? and you try and give yourself that, you, not alcohol. love, compassion, patience, hope, safety… all examples of things we need and we need to provide for ourselves.

the gym is a great asset, everyone here can attest to that, but it’s not getting anyone sober. much love my friend. you’re not alone!

I’m getting back to training, heavily deloaded and still no pull movements not to aggravate the tendinitis but just glad to be back. doing anything at all. will be higher reps lower weights for me for a while which feels weird and not as satisfying. but I am not complaining. being cleared to do some training at all is a major blessing. thinking I might be out for months for a while, I was in a dark spot for sure.

keep grinding, team! :heartpulse: :boar:


So thought I’d throw in another update for my ongoing fitness journey. I’ve successfully completed 7 perfect weeks, which basically means I stuck to 4 workouts a week, every week, for 7 weeks.

I’m feeling a lot better within myself, finally starting to reap all the exercise benefits. It’s in the little things. Like the other day I dropped a coin at the till in the supermarket and I was able to quickly squat down, grab it and get back up. One nice smooth movement.

I really wanna start implementing even more walking into my routine because I’m becoming slightly agoraphobic these days and it’s not healthy. My idea of a good day is cleaning my flat top to bottom. Like… the flat is spotless, I should get some fresh air now :joy_cat:


This is the best thing about it. Weight loss and all the other things are nice added bonuses, but the overall feeling inside is the best. Glad you’re getting the benefits of the hard work you’ve been putting in. :muscle::+1:


I’m still not getting the benefits I am hopeful for.
Been 3-4 weight sessions per week for past 5 weeks.
On days I exercise my body is under stress load when I hit the hay, and I get a mediocre rest and my body battery does a crappy recharge at night (Garmin watch tracks all this shit). Only getting like a 40% body batter and 6.5 hours of sleep.
And as for weight, arghhh. Eating only between 11am-6pm and eating very healthy… NOT A DAMN POUND DROPPED!
It’s becoming frustrating as all hell.


Weight loss can take a little bit depending on your metabolism. Even though your doing an intermittent fasting schedule, are you tracking your macros through an app like My Fitness Pal? That helps a lot so you can see exactly what your taking in. Also I don’t know what your workouts look like, but if your taking long breaks in between sets it not the fastest way for weight loss. Try cutting your rest times in half and even doing exercises back to back, like supersets. Make it more of an HIIT style, even if that means you have to lighten up the weight a little bit.
I also don’t know when you got sober, but my sleep really didn’t start to regulate until about 3 months. I basically was still working out, and felt like dog shit and exhausted for the first few months. :+1:


Definitely not tracking macros or anything to that detail yet. Still trying to get my workout routines into a pattern a bit.
I lift pretty decently heavy. 3 sets of 10-12 reps, with last coming close to failure. Rest 60 secs between each set.

I’ll keep at it, and am setting up a new bench today for legs so tomorrow get a bit more leg work in.
Im working hard to get all dialled in before end of month. My wife is headed to Mexico for month of March (I’m staying behind as we lost our dog sitter… fuckin’ hell). So want to take that opt to hit gym harder for the month,

Thanks for reply Joe. Was just venting as it’s bothering me a bit. I’ve done this all before and understand the process, it’s just never been this stubborn in the past to get the dial moving.


I’m needing to bed into a routine. I finish work in one week so am going to set myself a schedule to follow for some inspo and to start as a means to get my mental health kicked into touch. This career break is my launch into my new self.