Gym selfies, weightlifting & fitness 🔥 (TW gym attire. Keep rules #6 and #7 in mind)

So will the heart.:cry::heart:


Dan, how was that run, you’re also coming out of a longer time injured! :heart:

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My legs felt stronger than I recall in a long time. My cardio fitness took a hit, but that recovers fairly quickly. Thanks for asking!


When I got sober I took some time off lifting. I didn’t want to get my priorities twisted and see sobrety struggle and potentially go away along w lifting should I experience any injuries. Nowadays a know myself better and maybe wouldn’t have to be as cautious. I never kid myself tho on what got me sober. It wasn’t lifting or “healthy living” it was recovery and therapy. I hope you too take this seriously, cocaine ruins lives easily.
Also don’t skip leg days.

I’m joking. Just not about leg days lol welcome to this thread and to this part of your journey. :crazy_face: :pray: There are some solid ppl around on here, this wee corner especially. If you need anything just holler. Take it odaat and take your time to explore your reasons to want to escape reality. Then slowly learn to live in it. Good luck w your old injury. I’m sure there are ways to integrate all of you, old injuries too, into your new life, w time and dedication.


Wonderful to hear, my friend. :smiling_face_with_tear:

I didn’t write february out until this morning because I’ve been feeling like I haven’t been doing a lot. Looking back at the past few months I feel good about what I’ve been able to do with my injuries. My running miles should get to increase this month but my weight lifting might decrease. It’s an eb and flow kind of situation I suppose.
Saw the chiropractor and asked him about recovery time for my back and he was like ummmm… never :cry::grimacing: He said my disc is so degenerated that it won’t ever be “fixed” but they should be able to help me have less pain. I’m taking this week off weight lifting, just doing body weight stuff and yoga but I think I’ll jump back in next week. I’m pretty sad that I literally just got my bar and plates and can’t even use them yet. This won’t stop me though, I’m too stubborn for that :wink:


I worked for about 15 years in construction and I acquired four bad discs over the years in that field. When I first seriously injured my back, my chiropractor told me to do Pilates - he recommended Denise Austin. My initial thought was that ain’t for men but, thankfully I tried it cause it kept me off of a surgery table!


I did a Pilates workout this morning and just finished up a yoga session. When I saw the chiropractor he said not many people feel as good as I do after just 1 session. He told me to keep up with the yoga and like.


I feel you about the depression thing, the depression makes it like 100x harder to workout. But you got this!!! Keep working out, it’ll help manage the depression a bit I find :smiley:

Don’t beat yourself up if you fail to workout in a day btw. I used to be really hard on myself whenever I was too depressed to workout, but because I’d beat myself up over it I eventually lost the gym habits for a while :crying_cat_face:

But now I’m back at it :DDD Although I’m kinda fat now, my head is in a much better space :slight_smile:


Way to go on ur workout! U inspire me to get back at the gym :slight_smile: Hoping i have energy first thing in the morning to get a workout in.


Ended today’s chest pump with 405lb smith machine static holds! As a bonus I was able to rep out 4 times at 20% two times! The craziest part is I’m on a calorie deficit weight cut and 22lbs down in 5 weeks! Starting weight was 249.6lbs as of this morning it was 227.4! Stay disciplined and as always one day at a time!


Nice!!! Damn wtf you’re strong, I don’t think I could do that much weight even when I was at my most fit before touching drugs, congrats!!! :smiley: People always thought I was strong because I had big muscles back then, but really I was always kinda weak compared to other people in the gym lol

Just curious, what’s your training program like @Zeekinout? Like do you train mainly for hypertrophy or strength? I always trained mostly for hypertrophy, but I think I need to mix more strength training into my workouts :slight_smile:


That is a sick stack of weight there. And good on you dropping weight like that. I’ve been caloric deficit for two months and dropped 10lbs in that time…

Not sure what I’m doing wrong, but something ain’t adding up.

But well done sir. That is some
Impressive numbers.


Are you a numbers type of person? Asking because I find what often helped me cut weight is to count calories and protein in a day, since I use a lot of statistics and graphs and progress photos to measure my progress. But it’s also a huge pain in the ass to do all of that, and it’s not 100% necessary, but I do find counting calories, tracking my weight, tracking strength gains, etc helps me more precisely determine if things are improving or not and how fast.

Congrats on the 10lbs in 2 months btw!!! Seems like you’re making some good gains still, you should be proud :smiley:


Hey Eric,

Oh am I a numbers guy. Lol, I track everything. I have a Garmin watch that tracks my workouts, energy, calories etc. it links to MyFitnessPal and I track every morsel and drink that goes in my mouth. Trust me, I’m tracking, hence why me and a buddy of mine who is a trainer are scratching our heads a bit.

I’m going to set an appointment here in next week or so to see a nutritionist to see if perhaps I am missing something.

Thanks for accolades on weight loss. This week was 2.6lbs so perhaps I’m starting to get things dialed in right direction.

I’ll keep my eyes on you as well and see how you progress my friend.


Back injury didn’t interfere w/ Mom’s visit too much.

Still isn’t right, though.

I was really hoping to be back in the gym tomorrow, I was essentially out for the month of March. Plan is machines only for the first few weeks, anything where my back is supported.

Despite that, I will need to honestly assess it in the morning. Too much time off is better than too little in this case.

This is the longest it’s ever stuck around, and also how inconsistent my back feels day to day, or even within the same day, is a new thing.

I DID get an MRI on friday, so hopefully getting imaging done while it’s in the injury stage can help put a thumb on this.


I’m taking the day off today. Been pushing myself a lot lately, probably not getting enough carbs and protein and rest.
Today I work on many home projects, to finish off some renovations. Mostly trim work around underside of tipper kitchen cabinets and under windows in bathroom that went through full down to stud Reno’s I did last year and never quite finished the last 5%… as usual.

Tomorrow I’m going to attempt my new increased weight superset again and a bike ride before the eclipse.

Down 10.5lbs since I began this sobriety journey 3 months ago. Hasn’t been dropping fast but I guess a pound per week approx is a healthy drop.


1-2 pounds per week is definitely a healthy way to do it. It’s not a sprint it’s a marathon. Keep doing what you’re doing


If I got that avg 1.5lbs per week I’d be stoked… haha. That said I got 2.5lbs this week. But in reality 1.5’ish per week would be amazing.

Have a good one Joe!


Good morning everyone. About to go for my morning therapeutic walk. Sorry it’s been a while. I lost a family member and been struggling with it. Hope everyone has a blessed day. Love you all :heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: