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Sober Sunday day 91: cardio and shoulder day! Feel like I don’t focus on my shoulders enough so today I’m making them burn! I don’t plan or measure my days I just wake up and say this is my goal for the day!


10k on tired legs and with tons of humidity. Stoked to be sweating and sober :sunglasses:


Today I set a PR for speed. Feels good! My running goal is simple: run most mornings (there are some mornings off, but I run 4-6 days a week) to get the blood flowing at the start of the day. Today felt great!

The image in the background is the sunrise this morning :innocent:


I was just thinking about sweating hahaha! I’m so glad it is a good sweat rather than sweating out alcohol!

Same! I basically sweat all day at work, and do a variety of sports… I DO NOT miss sweating out alcohol!! :sunglasses:

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Hey everyone! If you want to add a little extra fun to your workouts, we will have an August Challenge starting soon. We had an awesome number of forum members join our July challenge, here’s the link if you’re keen :grinning:

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Out of the gym for 10 weeks after my spinal shortening and fusion.

Just wrapped up week 6 back in the gym, 2nd week back to freeweights (1st month back had to be machines only). I was SO weak when I headed back in. Not just from not exercising for 2.5 months, but it was a reminder just how disrupted my body was/is on a neurological level from the procedure. Also needed to relearn/reestablish that mind:muscle connection. The neat thing was I could feel my muscles working better now that my spinal cord is released and muscles are activating properly.

My abdominal wall is still a mess and not working from the nerve disruption, but I’m hammering my lower abdomen and flanks to get that back to how it should be.

Day 1 back in the gym vs today at the end of week 6 back at it.
It’s coming back. Slowly but surely. I’ve upped calories by 500-700 more per day, fuck yeah eating.


Nice to see you making progress and you in general… hope all is good


Thanks sir. Saw you had Covid, hope you’re feeling better!

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Your body (and mind, no doubt) has been through so much these past few months! You’re doing awesome! Great to see you back :slightly_smiling_face:

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Despite illness and mental health challenges, I’ve managed to keep up the daily July challenge and weekly death by burpee challenge.
Still 1 day to go but it feels so good to stick it out to the end. I managed 78 burpees today!
I’m feeling so much stronger as well and I think my skipping is helping me finally get some calf muscles lol


Sorry to disappoint the burpee posse. I fell through a subfloor of the house we are fixing on monday. I hit my side/ribs on the floor joist. That hasn’t quite healed enough for me to do this weeks challenge.

Or maybe I’ll try it tomorrow again. Anyways. Doing what ever i can at the gym.


:hushed::scream: ouch that sounds very painful!!! Burpees will still be there next Friday, get yourself better first :slightly_smiling_face:

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Damn. Hope you heal up quick. Good on you for still getting in and doing anything you can. :muscle:

Day 448. Vacation is over. I’m back to the work , kid’s sports, and workout routine. 8 week cut starts now. Weighed in at 205 this morning. Goal is a 12 lb shred to 193 by the end. Time to deal with headaches for a few days while my body adjusts to half my ordinary calorie intake. Let’s get it!!!


Sober sweat Sunday was a success! Day 98 and it was leg day! Definitely gonna feel that for the next couple days!!! Stay motivated and as always one day at a time!!!


Awesome to see your making progress especially after surgery.

I mean shit, your already toning up.

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Thanks. Baby steps.

My traps and shoulders vanished, but that will all come back, like everything else. I know I’ll put in the work, so I know I’ll get the results. I just keep telling myself that getting this surgery means I can absolutely get back to how I was, and then blow that out of the water and be even better.


19 Months Sober

I’ve been taking it easy for the past month, after effing up my rotator cuff. One day at a time.


Much later start than normal because my alarm didn’t go off this morning but got both my virtual and run in before the heat