Hard Time Relapses

I’m having a difficult time of letting marijuana go dialing with my situation feeling down and depressed when I do smoke my marijuana. Feeling guilty when I’m all high so today I’m stay focus on not trying to smoke. I’m back to Square one y’all :pray::pray::pray::pray::sob::sob::sob::sob:

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Im sorry to hear that ur struggling with ur DOC. Is there a way for u to make getting weed more difficult for u? That way it may not be as easily accessible?

Oh no! How is this going to affect your new job starting in September? From a previous post, it sounded like you had 60 days to get clean. Now you only have 3 weeks but doesn’t it take at least 30 days to clear your system?


Hey Fatimah, how is that going for you today? You know the saying One Day at a Time? We can only control our sobriety for today. That makes it easier than to imagine you have to stop forever.