Hard times some support plz

today im at day 229 and its been so hard not having my home groups to go to. no meetings or anything, feeling soooo lonely and left out. this virus shit really has my recovery on another level, its been so long since i thought about using anything and now all of a sudden thats all im thinking about no matter if its pills, drink or smoking. ugh… then relationship problems at home with the hubs and since he is out of work its making it that much harder. then kids are home and instead of enjoying each other all they are doing is fighting. i just feel like im getting hit from left and right then with a upper cut. its like why not get fucked up.


sorry to hear this, but way to go on your 229 days, very rad! it’s tough on a lot of folks, i no i get flustered by things that mess with my routine, and my routine has gone to shit now ha. but, i’ve been hitting some zoom meetings, if you haven’t tried i’d highly encourage you to check one out. i’ve also been making more phone calls to others in the program. my sponsor has always encouraged me to check and see how others are doing when i’m not feeling great as a way to get out of myself, and i’m stepping my efforts in that area up quite a bit and it’s helping.

glad you came here to share this you’re not alone!


I get it. Life is tough right now and it sucks. 229 days is amazing though! Can you get out for a walk by yourself? I’ve had to resort to meetings on line and it’s not the same as my home group but it’s working hearing others in the same situation. I use in the rooms app.


I can’t help with your home life but… no hang on I can. Please don’t ruin all your amazing sober days bc of an idea that doing so will miraculously make everything better, I started again after 126 and I can promise you that the world kept on turning but now I felt ill on it.
Whatever buzz or high you remember is long gone it won’t make you feel anywhere near what you imagine.
And thus your home life will be easier :slightly_smiling_face:


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Because if you get fucked up, this virus shit will be harder to deal with when you sober up.

I totally understand , even using all the coping at the end of the day, or heck sometimes in the middle, I’m like, fuuuuuuuuuuuuccccckkkkkk mmmeeeee.

229 is amazing, when things go up a notch we can level up too. :sparkles: